How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Novice Players

A novice player in golf is basically a beginner or an inexperienced player in the game.

It is important to note that in golf, not all equipment is the same.

Like with clubs, for instance, there are so many different types of clubs (for men, women, kids, right or left handed), some of which are designed to be ideal for beginners whereas others are created for pros.

While it’s mostly a matter of preference when it comes to choosing golf clubs, the type of club you use on the court can actually indicate your skill level.

Clubs for novice players are designed such that it is easy for the beginner to hit and swing.

For more consistency, they also provide a greater degree of forgiveness and distance.

It is easier for the player to get the ball in the air when using a beginner club.

But what exactly should you look for when out there shopping for a beginner golf club.

Below are some important pointers on how to choose the best golf clubs for novice players.

Best Golf Clubs For Novice Players: Things to Consider and Look For

First and foremost, starter golf clubs exist in a wide variety of types and brands.

This can make it a bit confusing and overwhelm for the novice player before they make a decision.

However, what’s more, important is to know what exactly to look for in a novice player golf club.

Golf Club Sets

Golf clubs mostly come as sets of 12-14 clubs.

These include a range of drivers, woods, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putter(s).

It is important to understand how each one of these looks like and how to choose the best.

For individual clubs, some of the factors to consider include the loft, head size, shaft length, and shaft material as follows.

The Driver

This one is the largest and longest club in the set, usually with a steep face whose measurements range between 7.5 and 13 inches.

The driver is mostly used off tees and has a long shaft made from graphite.

This makes its lightweight with a high club speed.

A driver with a head size between 450 and 460cc; and a loft of between 10 and 11 is normally recommended for beginners.

Fairway Woods

Like you can tell from the name, fairway woods are used to hit the ball off the fairway as well as off the tee.

They are normally defined by characters such as 3W, 7W, 9W, and so on.

Each of these has a different loft with a 3W ranging between 12 and 17 degrees.

Most of them have large heads like the driver but are a bit shallower than a driver.

Look for fairway woods with graphite shafts when buying golf clubs for novice players.


Irons are basically indicated as 1 to 9. The higher the number, the wider the sole of the club is.

This means that higher irons are easier to use for beginners than lower irons.

If you’re a novice player, it is better to get a golf set with irons that have a large offset between the club face and the shaft as well as a wider sole.

This makes it easier to get under the ball.


Just like the name suggests, hybrids consist of parts made from both wood and metal.

As a novice player, it is also important to have at least one or two hybrids in your bag as a replacement for the long iron.

With this, you can hit the ball more easily and conveniently as you get more distance.


Just when one nears the green, wedges become quite crucial.

This is the club that helps you drive the ball close to the pin.

Just like the name suggests, wedges are ideal for getting under the ball and hitting it high into the air.

Pitching, sand, gap, and lob wedges are some of the various types of wedges that you can choose depending on the terrain you mostly play in.

They have a loft ranging from 50 to 60 degrees. Ensure to have a pitching and sand wedge in your golf set as a beginner.

The Putter

The putter is the most important club when you get to the green. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes as well.

The putter is basically used to roll the ball into the hole using its flat face. Blade putters and mallet putters are the two most common types available. when choosing a putter for beginners, it is recommendable to look for one with an alignment feature that helps you make accurate putts.

Try These Best Golf Nets For The Garage To Practice at Home

Golfs are about practice if you want to be better.

Besides knowing all the golf drills that a beginner should know, practice is needed but it can be troublesome to travel to the golf course.

The next best alternative is to practice golf at home and this is where golf nets come in handy.

Most golf nets take up a pretty big space so using the garage is the only solution not to mess up your home.

If you need help in choosing which golf net is more suitable, below are 2 choices that I think are fantastic.

JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net review

Golf nets are great for practicing the game indoors or in the home garden.

They can also be set up at the work place and provide a good way to practice shots and swing technique, away from the golf course.

A popular golf net available on the market today, is the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net.

The first thing to note about the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net, is it does not come in a set size.

This means, it can be ordered at any size you require, which is great if you only have a small space to work in and need the net to fit accordingly.

The net is available in a wide choice of sizes, ranging from 10 x 10, to 30 x 100 (foot), so even if you only have a one car garage space to practice in, you will find a JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net which is suitable for you.

The net does not come with a frame, which means you need to be confident you can prepare it for use yourself.

The net does come with a spring clip in each corner however, so it’s possible to insert some hooks where you would like to hang the net and install it that way.

In which case, all you have to do is un-hook the net and it is ready to be transported elsewhere.

It’s also possible to make your own frame for the net, if you plan on leaving it in one location.

The 3/4″ Square Mesh is UV and weather treated, so it can sit outdoors and remain in good condition, whatever the weather.

People have commented on how they have had it in the snow and it has still performed perfectly afterwards, which highlights how durable and weather resistant it really is.

In terms of shot durability, any club, including the driver can be used with the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net.

The net can handle ball speeds of up to 150 mph from close range and has no problem in stopping the ball very quickly.

The ball will not be returned to you in the same way it will using other branded golf nets but for the price, the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Netcannot be faulted.

The fact there is no frame with the net can be seen as a negative but also a positive, as it means you can arrange you own layout and shape the net to your liking.

Some users have commented on the smell of the net when new and it does seem to give off a smell when first being used but this is due to the treatment of the nylon and will soon pass.

Net return golf net review

The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net is designed to allow golfers to practice their shots indoors.

This is great for when the weather is bad or you simply have no time to get to the golf course.

It can also be set-up at the work place, if the space is available and used during break or lunch time, giving you that extra bit of practice, which could make all the difference on the golf course.

The first thing to note, is the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net is a very strong and durable golf net.

It comes complete with a 250,000 shot guarantee, which means you can hit 100 shots per day, for over 6 years, until it will start to show signs of wear and tear.

In addition to this, it can cope with golf speeds of up to 225mph and comes complete with a one-year warranty.

The net may not be the cheapest on the market but with the price comes quality and you certainly get your money’s worth here.

Construction of the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net is very straightforward and it comes with a colour coded connect system.

The first time constructing the net may take a little longer than five minutes but having done it once, it can be constructed in under five minutes, by one person.

It’s also easy to take down the net after use and again, this should take no more than five minutes.

The net packs away in its own carry bag, which makes it easy to carry and transport to other locations.

The only negative in terms of transportation, is the net may be a little heavy for some people to carry on their own, so some assistance may be required when taking it to and from a vehicle.

When using the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net, the ball is automatically returned to you, which is great.

This means, instead of having to play with a bucket of balls and being forced to collect them all when they run out, it’s possible to use just one ball and never have to collect it.

If using the net outdoors, the grass may prevent the ball from rolling back enough but indoors, it will roll back every time.

The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net has all the features required, for both golf and other sports.


A golf net is one of the most handy golf accessories when it comes to practicing your golf drills.

Pick one that is within your budget and swing your way to a better game of golf!

Best Golf Drills for Beginners

Starting out in golf is challenging, and it is during this beginner stage that most people give up entirely on the sport, as they expected to be immediately able to play the game properly.

It takes time to improve, but using the drills below, you won’t be frustrated for long, and you will soon reach the standard you desire to be at.

1. 10 Consecutive putts

Putting is the most important part of any golfer’s game, because it is on the green where one must finally place the ball in the hole.

Beginner golfers often find putting difficult, as it is not easy to judge putts at first, which is why they usually send the ball miles long of the hole, or far too short.

A simple but extremely effective drill to improve one’s putting is to line up ten golf balls side-by-side, all the same distance from the hole.

Then proceed to go from left-to-right, putting one ball after another. If you continue to repeat this drill, your feel for your putter will improve, and you will gradually become more consistent on the green.

2. Closing right-eye

A bad habit of many beginner golfers is over-swinging the club.

Players believe that the more they swing, the further they will hit the ball, which to an extent is true, however if you lose control of your club during your swing, then your shot will be wild also.

Aside from hindering your game, over-swinging also looks technically poor.

There is a straightforward drill for resolving this issue.

Firstly, hit a ball with an iron using your full swing. If you can see your club in the corner of your left-eye when you complete your backswing, then you know that you are over-swinging.

To stop this from occurring again, close your left-eye and hit five more shots with an iron.

Then, open your left-eye and play another shot – miraculously, you will no longer over-swing.

Note: Close your right-eye if you are left-handed

3. Half-Swing Drill

The half-swing drill will greatly enhance your ball-striking which is an area where many beginners struggle.

Whether you slice, hook, fat, thin or just don’t make clean contact with the ball, following this drill will work wonders for your game.

As the name of this drill suggests, all you need to do is swing the club half as far as your usually would; this means swinging back half as much as your normal swing, and following through half as much as well.

Continue to strike balls for five minutes in this way, and you should find that every time you play a shot, you get the same impact, distance, trajectory and accuracy on the ball.

It is important to focus on hitting the ball in the middle of the face of the club, and keeping the club face neutral by not allowing it to open or close.

You can change the clubs you use for this drill, but the end results will be the same – you will hit more fairways, you will strike the ball sweeter and cleaner, and your all-round consistency with your irons and woods will dramatically improve.

4. Bunker Repetition

Bunkers are every beginner golfer’s nightmare.

All golfers can recall the dreaded day when they were trapped in the sand and could find no way of escaping.

It is a horrible and frustrating experience, but with this drill it can be avoided.

If you can access a bunker to practice in, then take five balls and place them in various different places (for example put some deep in the bunker, others on the edge etc.)

Then, focus on getting under the ball as much as you can without touching the sand with your club before you play your shot.

Don’t forget to bend your knees and dig your feet firmly into the sand.

Distance and placement doesn’t matter, your target is just to hit all five balls out of the bunker.

You cannot stop this drill until you succeed in getting all five balls out of the bunker in five shots.

Achieving this will give you great confidence should you ever encounter a bunker during a round, and it will accustom you to the vital technique required to free yourself from a bunker.

5. Feet Together Drill

The feet together drill can have many positive effects on a beginners golf.

Quite obviously, all one is required to do for this drill is to strike the ball with their feet touching together or centimetres apart. Keeping your feet together restricts you, and ensures that you concentrate on hitting the ball.

For many players, this is not their main focus, as they try to incorporate body movement into their swing to obtain more power, and beginner players are culpable of swaying and taking their eyes off the ball too.

If you try to move your body at all (other than your arms) when you have your feet together, you will completely lose your balance each time you try to play a shot.

Therefore, this drill encourages you to maintain a tidy and efficient swing and improves your timing and ball striking.

6. Coin Drill

The coin drill suits many beginner golfers, and it is a fun and easy way to assist you in getting air on the ball.

When you just start out in golf, you long to see the ball soar high and far in the air. Annoyingly, it can take time before you learn to strike under the ball, and a common mistake is that many players top the ball and watch it roll yards in front of them rather than fly into the distant sky.

The coin drill entails placing a coin or a penny on a practice mat.

As you can imagine, it is massively more difficult to get air on a coin than it is a golf ball, but by continually trying to loft the penny with as many different clubs as you can, your topping will be cured.

When you feel you have tried hitting the coin enough times, switch back to playing with a golf ball, and you should find it far easier to send the ball sailing high.

7. Half-Speed Drill

The half-speed drill is a favourite of legendary golf coach Butch Harmon, and it can be of great benefit to beginner golfers.

This drill fights against hooks and slices in particular; two things which can seriously hamper beginners.

As you would expect, this drill involves swinging the club at half your usual speed before hitting the ball.

This intentionally slows down your arms and makes sure that upon contact, the club face is entirely straight, which in turn prevents slices and hooks.

This is another drill aimed at helping beginners to hit precise, correct shots on a consistent basis.

8. One-Handed Putt

Lastly, the one-handed putt is the perfect antidote for any troubles on the green.

If you are right-handed, use your right arm only for this drill, and vice verse if you are left-handed.

You should perform this drill no more than six feet away from the hole. It will teach you to properly release the putter head, because with one-hand, you are forced to let go of the stroke much sooner.

In addition to this, you will learn to handle your putter much more lightly which is significant, because many beginners squeeze their putter tight and force the ball rather than stroke it.

Finally, your hand-eye coordination is brought into play with this drill as your concentration must be at its peak to putt the ball home with just one hand.

Evidently this drill has numerous advantages for your putting.

What Kind of Glasses Is Adam Scott Wearing For Golf?

How would you like to look like professional golfer Adam Scott? Well, we all can’t have the body, and swing style, but everyone can wear the glasses that Scott is using on the course.

Why do the glasses he is wearing matter so much?

Well, the golf media seems to be obsessed with the idea, because he gives credit to the glasses he wears for his precision eyesight. In the game of golf, you can look like you know what you’re doing, even if your handicap isn’t stellar.

Of course, Adam Scott looks cool, and with the right frames and lenses, you can look cool too, right?

That all leads one to consider, what kind of glasses is Adam Scott wearing for golf?

Furthermore, why is he wearing them? Could your handicap get better if you emulated his style?

That’s an interesting question to consider, and today, the answers are easy, because Scott has gone on record to discuss what he wears, and why.

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Avoid Wayfarers

Scott told that he uses a modern style, with a full protection that goes wide on the face.

He also stated that he doesn’t wear anything that is heavy, or that doesn’t cover the peripheral views he needs for the courses.

Modern framing from companies are on the mind of this professional, but he cites Oakley as the company he wears most.

The company has released several models specifically made for professionals, including the “Flak Jacket”, which is one of Scott’s favorite pairs.

He loves the pair, and recommends them because of the way that the edges are cut, and the wide lenses allow for diffusion of colors, and a nice block against brightness in even the sunniest of courses.

Polarized Lenses

Moving forward, you’ll find that Adam Scott recommends polarized lenses. Without this polarization, you’ll only be blocking UV rays, and nothing else.

You want to have better depth perception, easier contrast on the greens, and a tint that diffuses the slopes and curves that come through with different grass types.

Remember, a full day of golf could be 6 to 8 hours in the sunlight, and many of the shots you will take are in direct sunlight.

You need to have your shades cover your irises and have as much protection as you can get, which is why polarization, and sun blocking technology matters so much.

A Tip For Wearing Them Correctly

One last thing that you can learn from this professional is that you should always keep your sunglasses on. If you must take them off, wrap them on the back of your hat.

You don’t want to cover any logos, that is if you’re sponsored. Professionals wear sponsored headwear, so covering that logo could cause some stress when televised or in pictures.

To answer the initial question, you’ll find that Adam Scott wears Oakley, especially the “Flak Jacket” model that are made for golf.

He swears by them, and you can see him wearing it all the time. You’ll find that it’ll help your game, regardless of the weather.

Reasons Why You May Need Polarized Sunglass Lenses For Golf

Golf is a game that requires more than physical skill. Yes, you should have physical prowess, but that’s not the only element of the game you need.

Many of the best players are not physically imposing. How can a person gain such greatness in this game, without raw strength?

A great deal of it has to do with the eyes. In golf, your eyesight becomes everything, and if you can somehow get an edge in how you view the greens, the fairways, and more, you’ll find that you can pinpoint the right areas to land your ball.

Without the aid of sunglasses, you may have to squint, or rely on your instincts to get a good view.

There is a way to get an edge, and it’s found with polarized sunglass lenses for golf. When you wear sunglasses, you can filter the light, but polarization comes with an added amount of benefits that you may want to know about.

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What Do Polarized Lenses Do?

First and foremost, before getting into the reasons why you may want these lenses, you need to know what they do.

The lenses change the way that you see in sunlight. When worn, a golfer will not deal with the reflections and mirrored elements that come off surfaces.

The light gives the individual a clear, non-reflective, protected view in direct sunlight, allowing for easier management of depth, and focus.

Reduce Glare

When you’re playing golf, you may find that you are going to be dealing with the various movements of light.

As the hours go by, the sun’s rays hit you in a different angle.

You may have to swing with the sun directly in your eyes, or at an angle that makes it hard to see the right angles with your swing.

It can be outright blinding. Reflections of water, sand, grassy areas, and much more could also cause glares, and issues.

However, with the right lenses, you could block that, allow your eyes to take everything in, without squinting, or issue. Removing glare can help your game step up to all new levels.

No More Straining

When putting, when stuck in a sand trap, and in other areas of courses, you may be tempted to squint. Squinting, and even straining to see exactly where you want your ball to land is not going to help your handicap.

Without polarized lenses, you’re going to have a difficult time, and could cause your eyes to get irritated, and even cause headaches.

Strain can cause serious problems down the line, as well.

With the help of the right lenses, you can reverse strain and open up your eyes with clarity in mind. Imagine getting full vision, without having to squint, strain, or any problems associated with your sight.

At the end of the day, polarized lenses give you better vision on the golf course.

Vision becomes everything when you’re trying to improve your handicap, and the right lenses could mean the difference between tightening up your game, or straining to see the subtle changes on the golf course.

Exploring What Color Sunglasses Are Best for Golf

Golf is a game that takes a lot of your senses to master. One of the senses that you need to have in pristine order is your eyesight.

You need to have more than just clarity down the course, you need to make sure that depth, peripheral, and all other aspects of sight are perfect.

That includes brightness, shade, and much more. Sunglasses are critical for every golfer, but what about color and contrast?

Have you ever wanted to know what color sunglasses are best for golf?

That’s something that could very well give you a better handicap.

With that in mind, consider the following color solutions that could very well help you get better vision when you need it most.

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Rose and Copper

This is a mix that you is one of the premier colors for golfers. This tint helps you pull the right measures of red, yellow, and green.

When you put on a pair of sunglasses with this tint, you’ll find that the courses you’re on will be easy to read at a distance.

That includes how the grassy areas are, and what the fairways are showing you as far as contrast is concerned.

Things will get a little rosy, but your eyes will see breaks in the grasses, which can lead to better shots.

Brown Contrast

Alongside amber, this is a common sunglass color that you’ll find on golfers the world over. This helps you with reading the greens with ease.

The contrast of grasses gets diffused with the browns and amber that comes with this tint, and allows you to get a nice change from the sky and the course.

Measuring depth and distance matters greatly, and this color will help you gain leverage when you’re trying to get precise swings across the toughest of courses.

Brown can elevate your vision, as well as help with brightness, and overall course flow.

Gray and Green Mix

Moving forward, you’ll find that this mix is a great contrast solution for those that are looking at blocking brightness in the sunniest of courses.

This mix helps reduce light, glare, and help with vision across many bright spectrums. Reading the way the course flows is essential, and these lenses help reduce eye strain, and glare accordingly.

While this is not always cited as the absolute best, it’s mentioned here because it’s a matter of reducing brightness, which can hinder your swings. Brightness is tough to combat without blocking out contrasts in the grass.

Every golfer is different, but these colors are often cited as the best solutions that you can work with.

These color variants are great for golf, and help with reducing strokes, and improving handicap overall.

If you need prescription lenses, you can use these tints to your advantage, allowing you to get clarity of vision when you need it most.

Test these out, and see which is the right balance of color, brightness, and glare reduction overall.

The right option for you will no doubt be within the aforementioned color spectrum.

Benefits of Photochromic Sunglass Lenses For Golf

The game of golf relies heavily on perception. When you’re playing, whether for fun or in competition, the way that your eyes see the course matters.

If you don’t see the depth, the clearance, or the fairways with precision, you will not hit the ball correctly or get to putting with ease.

In the sun, without sunglasses, you’re going to have a serious issue.

Sunglasses help reduce glare, and help with the sun’s rays, but the lens is going to be something that you will want to get familiar with.

For instance, you could go with a photochromic sunglass lens, which can give you a wide range of benefits when you’re playing a round or two of golf.

The following are just a few benefits that you may get when you invest in this type of lens.

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Light Adaptation

The first thing that you’re going to notice is that the lenses automatically adjust to the levels of light that the sun pushes through.

Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, you’re not going to squint, or deal with any strain because the lenses adjust for you.

The lenses react to all levels of brightness and shifts, in real time.

Adapting to the environment is not something that is common with regular sunglasses, you need the special photochromic lenses.

Changes in light can mire your game, so having automatic adjustments will help you overall.

Protection Against UV Rays

There are several rays that come from the sun that can harm your eyes. These include UVA and UVB rays which can cause strain, burn, and more.

With the right lenses, you can shield your eyes from these rays, to ensure that you can see clearly across any course that you’re on.

Wearing these will give you a block that is going to pay off dividends, if you’re out in the sun often.

Even in the brightest of courses, you’ll be protected, giving you peace of mind when playing.

Photochromic Lenses Are Lightweight

Whether you decide to pursue prescription options or not, you’ll find that the lenses are lightweight. Even when you look into different frames, you’ll find that the lenses themselves will be lightweight, and easy to get used to.

You’ll find the tints to be favorable, and the clarity to be second to none, allowing you to get comfortable vision within moments of putting them on.

The lightweight feature allows you to have full range of motion, without worrying about whether or not your glasses are going to fall off as you swing your club.

As you can see, there are a few benefits that come with using photochromic lenses for your sunglasses.

When playing golf, you’ll find that your sight is everything at times. More than just your swing, if you can get an edge from your eyesight, you should take it.

These lenses can help with clarity, focus, and reduce eye strain overall.

Test these out once, and watch your handicap change for the better.

This is definitely worth exploring, especially if you want to see better in bright light, on open courses today.

Prizm Sunglasses For Golf

A Look At Prizm Sunglasses For Golf

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can gather today to help your golf game. Not everything that you do, however, is going to help your vision.

While you can improve your swing, get new clubs, and even practice a great deal, you will not get far if you cannot see with precision.

Sunglasses are always a good idea to purchase for your golf game, but the standard UV protection isn’t going to give you an edge.

To really affect your game, you’ll need to test out different options, hues, and types.

One option that you may want to look into is prizm sunglasses.

This is a solution that could very well change your game for the better, and will see your handicap improve, fast.

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Understanding The Prizm Technology

The Prizm sunglass solution is being promoted by Oakley, as a lens technology that is getting a great deal of push through sports media.

The reason for this is because the lens itself is meant to aid professional athletes, and those that are active overall.

The lens uses a specialized coating that allows an emphasis on colors and clarity that active individuals need most.

It sharpens, without reducing clarity, removes glare, and adjusts the visual spectrum in real time, so that when you swing, you’re not distracted by shifts in colors that are extreme, brightness that can blind, or any contrast that can mess with your depth perception.

Recognize Changes On The Course

Perhaps the biggest benefit for the golfer is that you’ll find that the color recognition of your eyes will gain a boost.

You’ll find that across different courses, you’ll be able to denote grasses that are rough, areas that are deceptively placed, hills, and much more.

You’ll see more contours, curves, and straight lines without having to squint, or second guess how powerful your swing will need to be.

The peripheral vision that you will get with the lenses are due in large part to the way that the lenses are created.

They utilize a hyperspectral element that filters noise, outright, and helps recognize contrast faster, and easier, even under pressure.

Specifically Made For Golf

Now, there are several different Prizm lenses that you can utilize. However, you can purchase golf sunglasses that are specifically made to help your game.

The golf edition of these sunglasses utilize a textured lens that diffuses greens, so that you can tell specific changes in blades of grass, and use the conditional elements to shift your weight, swing, and distance with ease.

Simply put, it enhances your view, in real time, even in bright sunlight.

At the end of the day, golf is a game that relies heavily on how your vision works.

Like baseball and other sports that require a great deal of focus and coordination, the right lenses could very well be the difference between improving your game, or faltering in the shifts of light, and course grass overall.

Test this lens technology out, and see why so many sports enthusiasts, and professionals are relying on these new lenses to help their handicap today.

What are the Best Sunglasses for Playing Golf?

best golf sunglasses reviews

If you’ve been considering wearing sunglasses to play golf especially on those really bright overcast days then we have a great selection of golf sunglasses for your to consider.

Some golfers think that wearing sunglasses could be problematic to how they judge distance and the angles of a shot, but the reality is, if you can’t see where you’re going to hit the ball because of the glare from the sun, then sunglasses might just be the accessory you need to help with your game.

Nothing is more painful than having to squint throughout the day because the sun is constantly getting in your eyes, or it’s just a bright day. It can make you feel a lot more fatigued at the end of the day and I bet that you’ll feel instant relief from wearing sunglasses.

Here Are Our Top 5 Golf Sunglasses Picks

1) – Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket XLJ Golf Sunglasses,Jet Black Frame/G30 Lens,one size


If you’re looking for top quality athletic performance sunglasses then you won’t go wrong with the Oakley Men’s Flak XLJ Golf sunglasses.

These sunglasses are specifically designed for the golf course because this particular lense (the G30) was created with the golfer in mind.

It has enhanced contrast and clarity which allows for increased depth perception.

It also gives you better vision in sub-optimal lighting conditions such as on cloudy or overcast whether and glare and shadows.

One of the standout features with these sunglasses is that you can actually swap out the lenses and use different color tints, which gives you a lot of flexibility to use these sun glasses in any outdoor situation.

With UV400 protection you can be sure that you have the highest form of UV protection.

Another outstanding feature is the material that’s used for the frames of these sunglasses. They actually form a better grip on your face when you sweat. Most glasses lose grip when there’s sweat, but these do the exact opposite, which means they won’t come off your face.

What sunglasses were both Ian Pouter and Adam Scott wearing in the 2015 Masters Tournament? Well it was the Oakley’s Flak Jacket XLJ.

Click here to for Oakley discounts and customer feedback

2) – Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses


If you want good looking sunglasses at a cheap price then consider the Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses. These sunglasses offers 100% UV protection, so you can be out in the sun all day long and be assured that you’re getting all the protection you need. They’re pretty stylish and if you compare them with the $150 pair of Oakley’s above they look fairly similar. You will feel the difference in quality however, but at this price it’s really just comes down to whether it fits your budget.

The frames are shatterproof which is a great feature to have, especially if you have a tendency to sit on your sunglasses by mistake.

And just on the frames, you can adjust them at the temple so that you have a nice snug fit.

These sunglasses are made for small to medium sized faces so if you’re on the larger size then these might not be a great fit for you.

Click here to for Tifosi discounts and customer feedback

3) – JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses for Golf, Unbreakable-TR90 Frame


The JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses is another affordable brand of golf sunglasses. They are extremely light weight, which means that you’ll probably forget that you’re wearing them.

Although they are light weight, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t strong. Both the frames and the lenses are shatterproof, which means that they are built to last.

If you’re a little rough with your sunglasses or if you’ve ever sat on a pair of sunglasses inadvertently and broken them that will never happen with these.

And if by chance it does, you can send them back to the manufacturer and get them replaced because they are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Further more the comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.

They are also 100%UV protection lenses.

Click here to for JiMarti discounts and customer feedback

4) – Sundog Draw Golf Sunglasses


The Sundog Draw Golf sunglasses give exceptional value for the price. If you’re looking for a pair of shades that perform well and look good at the same time while not costing a fortune then these just might be the ticket.

One of the most outstanding features of these sunglasses is that they have slits at the top of the lens to allow for moisture or to preventing fogging when sweating, which a can be a pain especially on hotter days.

They are not polarized which means that they don’t get that weird lighting effect off of wet grass.

They are distortion free which makes it easy for you to read the putts without having to remove them.

Click here to for Sundogs discounts and customer feedback

5) – Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses


The Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses are designed for rapid motion movement, which means that they are stay on your face no matter how hard you hit the ball.

The lense offer 20% enhanced vision edge to edge, offering maximum clarity and is extremely good at cutting the sun’s glare

The frames are made from Titanium and Grilamid, making them 10 times stronger than ordinary polycarbonate lenses.

It has an adjustable 3 point nose grip, which allows you to find the most comfortable way of wearing your shades.

The advanced cushioned hinge absorbs shock so you can keep moving without distraction.

They offer 100% UV protection

These sunglasses will fit a smaller face.

Click here to for Under Armour discounts and customer feedback

What To Look For In The Best Sunglasses For Golf

How does It Fit

It’s important that you pick sunglasses that fit your face properly. If it doesn’t fit properly then it can be uncomfortable after a period of time out on the course. It can also cause redness around the bridge of your nose and the back of your ears.

Therefore the first thing you should consider is whether your glasses pinch the bridge of your nose. If it does then you need to find a pair that don’t. Next? make sure that there enough height on the lens so that you’re looking through the lens and not on top of the lens.

Lastly, be sure to find sunglasses where the arm of the glasses is not digging into the back of your ears as this can irritate the back of your ears. This basically means that the arms of your glasses are too short. Contra to this is having the arms of your glasses too long, which can mean that your glasses fall forward when you look down, and you don’t want this to happen when you’re putting.


This is something that is overlooked most of the time. You see, people tend to focus more on getting glasses that not only fit, but look stylish. These are all important factor to consider when buying golf sunglasses, however, having glasses that are UV protected is also an important factor to consider when buying glasses. Fortunately most sunglasses having some form of UV protection, but they’re not all equal. Be sure to find sunglasses that are 100% UV protection so that you not only protect your eyes from the suns glare, but also from its harmful rays.

What color sunglasses are best for golf

Some sunglasses do a bad job at reflecting light in a sunny environment, which is why you see a lot of people taking their sunglasses off when trying to estimate a shot. Understand that if you pick the right type of sunglasses then you won’t have to take them off at all. They will absorb the light, helping to rest your eyes and see the shot in perfect dimension.

Whilst there is a number of different color lens you can where for golf, the best type of lens color for playing golf is dark amber or brown, as they help to improve the contrast with most color out there on the course.

What are polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are really good if you have a lot of water around you. They have a filter that reduces the glare from the water especially on sunny days, helping you to see the ball better. Some have asked whether the extra expenditure for polarized glasses is warranted.

And well, glare is one of those things that not only can be a nuisance, but can also be dangerous in certain conditions as it can impair your depth perception, distort your view and even cause temporary blindness. So is it really worth the extra cost? I would say yes.

What are PRIZM sunglasses?

PRIZM is a lense that works specifically to enhance color on objects where you need a lot of detail. The technology was created by world sunglasses leads Oakley to enhance color contrast and visibility in many different light conditions. This can be good for you game as it helps to enhance your performance and can help with safety.


Lastly, which I realize most people put first in their list of considerations is style. This is something that is unique to every player, which is why we put it at the bottom of our list of considerations. Most brands of sunglasses have very fashionable sunglasses, so it’s really just comes down to a matter of personal taste.


The price of decent golf sunglasses can vary depending on brand and features. They can range from $30 all the way up to $200+. Is there a different in quality between brands and price range? Yes, there is in my opinion. The brands that you tend to identify sunglasses with like Oakley, Tifosi and Jimarti, whilst more expensive offer better clarity and depth perception.



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  2. What Are The Best Golf GPS Watches?
  3. What Are The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes | Footjoy, Nike, Adidas,
  4. Best Electric Golf Trolley

What Are The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2021

In this article we discuss what some of the best spikeless golf shoes are in the marketplace.

Our reviews are little different from most websites that you’ll come across on the internet in that they are based off of REAL customers experiences. Which is to say, that they come from verified customers who have bought the golf shoe and who have provided feedback.

You can view each of these reviews in the links below.

From this data we have created a top 3 list of recommend Golf Shoes. Some of these shoes may come with discounts and others may not be available any longer, but this list was compiled at the time the data was available.

Our Top 3 Spikeless Golf Shoe Recommendations at a glance

Our three recommendations are based on price, quality and overall customer feedback.

Spikeless Golf ShoeCustomer RatingsFeedback
1) Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf ShoeFootJoy_Closeout_Contour_Casual_Spikeless-starsRead 492 customer reviews

2) Adidas Men’s Adicross III Golf Shoe

Nike_Free-Inspired-starsRead 347 customer reviews

3) Nike Free-Inspired Impact 2 Spikeless Mens Waterproof Golf Shoes

ECCO_Mens_Biom_StarsRead 214 customer reviews

So Why Get Spikeless Golf Shoes

In the past there was no such technology in footwear, all golf shoes had metal spikes in the bottom of their soles and for good reason. Most people know that having a good firm grip on the green adds to the overall performance of your shot. This being the case, a firm grip and traction is still vitally important, but new technology in footwear has meant that you are no longer uncomfortable on the green. We’ll list some of the benefits of spikeless golf shoes below. Hopefully you can see the difference between cleated and spikeless golf shoes and use this information as a buying guide.

Being Comfortable On The Green

So it?s still important to have a decent footing on the green, however, it is just as important to be comfortable on the green, because you can spend a lot of time walking 18 holes and walking long distances. Some of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes don?t even look like golf shoes, but more like running shoes. So with that in mind, one of the positives with top spikeless golf shoes is that they are much lighter to wear, given they are made of much lighter material that metal. That being the case it also means that you can walk not only on the greens, but also on concrete surfaces, which is a bonus.

How Do I Look In My Shoes

Another thing to consider is the style or design of the golf shoe. In the past most folks had to go with the old fashioned Footjoy look, which to some folks is a good look, however, some of the more modern styles of shoes cross over into the golfing industry. That being the case, you are able to get some very stylish look golf shoes without the hard metal spies.

Wear Them Anywhere

Another great thing about top spikeless golf shoes is that you can virtual wear them anywhere because they are both gentle on the greens which most clubs like and can be worn on different surfaces like concrete as I mentioned earlier. Also not that some clubs are banning metal spikes, because of the damage they can do to their greens

So I guess the take away thought from this is to know that you have other options in terms of golf shoes than just the traditional old boring look. Apart from the comfort, design and versatility of best spikeless golf shoes, they are considerably cheaper than their counterparts, making them a more attractive proposition especially if you?re on a budget.

The 5 Best Spikeless Golf Shoe

1) Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes (Our Top Pick)

FREE Returns on some sizes and colorsRead over 492 Customer Reviews

adidas_mens_tech_response_4-0_golf_shoeAdidas Mens Tech Customer ReviewsThis golf shoe does not fit exactly like a traditional golf shoe, but more like a Adidas running shoe. So if you’re looking for something light weight and comfortable but with exceptional grip and support then, these shoes are going to be hard to beat for the price. They cleats are Softspikes Pulsar PINS Cleats which are replaceable.

Like most mesh shoes they are breathable, which is great in hot whether as they allow your feet to breath and therefore reduce sweat. However, they are not water proof given they are mesh. They are water resistant, but not water proof. For the odd occasion where you play in the early morning dew it is recommended to spray them with water proofing.

Click Here For Discounts & Customer Feedback



2) Adidas Men’s Adicross III Golf Shoe

Discounts may Apply – Read Over 347 Customer Reviews


Adidas_Mens_adicross_III_Golf_ShoeA very comfortable show on and off the course. It is also very stylish and can be mistaken for everyday footwear. Whilst you can wear them off the golf course, it is advised not to wear them on concrete as the cleats are soft. The water resistant uppers will keep your feet warm and dry while you’re on the course.

Feedback so far seems to suggest that the sizing runs a little small, so if you’re a 12 – 12.5, then it is best to go a size up to 13. They might also be designed for the narrower foot as opposed to the wide fit.

sole_Adidas_Mens_adicross_III_Golf_ShoeMolded traction bars keep you poised and confident from the tee to the green in this sophisticated golf shoe from ECCO.For a look that works just as well on the 18th hole as it does at the 19th, there’s ECCO?s Hybrid golf shoe. In leather and synthetic, this sporty offering boasts street-smart sensibilities with cool contrasts and a secure lace-up fit. A super grippy manmade sole keeps you grounded when on the links while still allowing you to move about in the rest of the world.

Click Here For Discounts & Customer Feedback

3) Nike Free-Inspired Impact 2 Spikeless Mens Waterproof Golf Shoes

Discounts may Apply –  Read Over 24 Customer Reviews

nike-spikeless-waterproof-feedbacknike-spikeless-mens-water-proofA really cool looking shoe, that looks more like athletic trainers than a golf shoe.

This slick design will help you top stand out from the traditional golfers. Not only that, but they are super comfortable, so great if you’re on the course for long periods of time.

sole-nike-spikeless-golf-shoesMost outstanding feature is that you could wear these golf shoes both on the green and off. So there’s no need to change your shoes after you’ve finished a round of golf. You’ll have great traction both on the greens and off.

Click Here For Discounts & Customer Feedback

4) PUMA Men’s Biofusion Spikeless Golf Shoe

Discounts may Apply – Read Over 49 Customer Reviews

Puma-Biofusion-Spikeless-feedbackPUMA_Men's_Biofusion_Spikeless_Golf_ShoeIf you’re looking for a good water proof golf shoes, then this shoe is definitely the ticket. The sizing on these shoes is on the small size, some suggest that the sizing is more for the European market as opposed to the US market, so be sure to order a half to one size bigger in you live in the states.

They made from synthetic leather so there is not going to be too much give in them like traditional leather shoes as they age over time. But if you’re looking for a snug fit and super support, then you can’t go too far wrong with this shoes.

Given the differences in shoe sizes worldwide, be sure to check out the shoe size chart on the site to determine your shoe size here.


5) FootJoy Closeout Contour Casual Spikeless Men’s

Discounts may Apply – Read Over 250 Customer Reviews
mens-footjoy-contour-feedbackmens-footjoy-contour-casual-spikelessWhilst one of the most recognizable golf shoe brands in the golfing industry, they are also the most traditional golfing brands as well.

Made of Leather this shoe will last a lot longer than other mesh shoes in this category. Being leather means that it is also waterproof. One thing that most waterproof shoes don’t have is the ability to both be waterproof and breathable at the same time.

sole-mens-footjoy-contour-casual-spikelessThis is always a good feature to have in a golf shoes especially when playing golf in the morning while there is dew on the ground. Last thing you’d want is to have wet feet for the rest of the day.

The most outstanding feature is the comfort these shoes give. It has underfoot comfort called Comfort Plus PU with heel-support and dampen shock, so it’s really comfort to walk long distance. It also has DurMax rubber outsole.

Click Here For Discounts & Customer Feedback

Other Reviews:


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  5. Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe Review



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