What Kind of Glasses Is Adam Scott Wearing For Golf?

How would you like to look like professional golfer Adam Scott? Well, we all can’t have the body, and swing style, but everyone can wear the glasses that Scott is using on the course.

Why do the glasses he is wearing matter so much?

Well, the golf media seems to be obsessed with the idea, because he gives credit to the glasses he wears for his precision eyesight. In the game of golf, you can look like you know what you’re doing, even if your handicap isn’t stellar.

Of course, Adam Scott looks cool, and with the right frames and lenses, you can look cool too, right?

That all leads one to consider, what kind of glasses is Adam Scott wearing for golf?

Furthermore, why is he wearing them? Could your handicap get better if you emulated his style?

That’s an interesting question to consider, and today, the answers are easy, because Scott has gone on record to discuss what he wears, and why.

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Avoid Wayfarers

Scott told Golf.com that he uses a modern style, with a full protection that goes wide on the face.

He also stated that he doesn’t wear anything that is heavy, or that doesn’t cover the peripheral views he needs for the courses.

Modern framing from companies are on the mind of this professional, but he cites Oakley as the company he wears most.

The company has released several models specifically made for professionals, including the “Flak Jacket”, which is one of Scott’s favorite pairs.

He loves the pair, and recommends them because of the way that the edges are cut, and the wide lenses allow for diffusion of colors, and a nice block against brightness in even the sunniest of courses.

Polarized Lenses

Moving forward, you’ll find that Adam Scott recommends polarized lenses. Without this polarization, you’ll only be blocking UV rays, and nothing else.

You want to have better depth perception, easier contrast on the greens, and a tint that diffuses the slopes and curves that come through with different grass types.

Remember, a full day of golf could be 6 to 8 hours in the sunlight, and many of the shots you will take are in direct sunlight.

You need to have your shades cover your irises and have as much protection as you can get, which is why polarization, and sun blocking technology matters so much.

A Tip For Wearing Them Correctly

One last thing that you can learn from this professional is that you should always keep your sunglasses on. If you must take them off, wrap them on the back of your hat.

You don’t want to cover any logos, that is if you’re sponsored. Professionals wear sponsored headwear, so covering that logo could cause some stress when televised or in pictures.

To answer the initial question, you’ll find that Adam Scott wears Oakley, especially the “Flak Jacket” model that are made for golf.

He swears by them, and you can see him wearing it all the time. You’ll find that it’ll help your game, regardless of the weather.

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