Golf Carts- They Are Changing the Style We Participate in Golf

There are still many golf purists who still choose to play their golf the old way; that is to walk the golf course.

If you’re young you carry your clubs, and if you are not so young we pull them on a hand cart.

But course design no longer takes the walking golfer into account very much, since the distances between green and the next tee are sometimes longer than a par 5.

Having the ability to space the golf holes out more gives the golf course designer many more possibilities, so it is best we just go with the flow.

But in spite of everything for me the best way to really experience a round of this game is to walk the course, especially when you’ve got a caddie.

But they are becoming rare, as well.

This brings our conversation to golf carts.

They are no longer buggies that are gas powered that used to be so loud you could not carry on a banter in them.

The tendy golf cart has the conveniences of your small automobile, often along with a price to correspond.

However even the die-hard golfer who will only walk to play a satisfying round of golf has to acknowledge that the convenience these modern carts bring becomes pretty remarkable.

Many now have mounted GPS systems, a cooler sufficiently big to supply beverages for a sizable gathering after nine holes, and spaces to keep additional shoes and clothing for weather that might change.

Your golf cart’s major disadvantage is when conditions become too wet to take on the fairway.

Unless you’re able to precisely plan your drives, and other shots, you may walk exceeding if you didn’t have a cart.

But be confident they are here to stay, and in many parts of the United States, particularly within Florida, they have become a lifestyle for several residence.

On golf course communities and regular suburban developments golf carts are taking over as the primary mode of transportation for many people, predominantly seniors.

You can own a custom-made golf carts for in the range of $6000 to $20000, and they can look like Mustangs, Hummers, a 57 Chevy, a Cadillac Escalade, and roadsters that sound like roadsters, and just about whatever vehicle you’ll be able to envision.

Some of their amenities will be big stereo systems, high torque motors, air conditioners and GPS devices for both golf and the road.

Many people play a round of golf with them, then take them to the local restaurant, stop off to purchase a bottle of wine and head home.

They are electric powered, and at the price of gas it is really a much cheaper mode of transport than the car.

All but four states within the U.S. allow them to be driven on public roads, and there are certain rules that remain in effect.

Drivers need to be at least age sixteen; they can’t be driven at the hours of darkness, and typically have a limit on the distance they can be driven legally from the place you live.

Frequently this will be a couple of miles, but South Carolina recently increased the maximum distance to four miles.

But with the price for car gasoline rising, as well as the charm of this new mode of transportation, expect golf carts are going to be seen not just around the golf course in many additional places.

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