Putter, Driver and Wedge

What are the three most important golf clubs in your bag? The answer is above, it might not be in the same order preference for every golfer but it should always be Putter, Driver and Wedge. To play at your best, all three of these golf clubs must fit you and your game. Let’s take … Read more

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Searching for some quality golf swing help information? Take a few minutes to read this article, because we have a great free offer at the end that will truly help improve your golf swing. Rather then write an article on one particular tip to fix your golf swing that would appeal to some but not … Read more

How Can I Get My Golf Game Into The 80′s?

Find a time machine! Just kidding. Lots of practice. Depends on what you’re hitting now? Sounds like you have some experience, its probably time that a good set of clubs would make a difference. Make sure your clubs are fitted correctly and maybe getting hooked up to a computer would allow you to see what … Read more

Best Golf Drills for Beginners

Starting out in golf is challenging, and it is during this beginner stage that most people give up entirely on the sport, as they expected to be immediately able to play the game properly. It takes time to improve, but using the drills below, you won’t be frustrated for long, and you will soon reach … Read more