Try These Best Golf Nets For The Garage To Practice at Home

Golfs are about practice if you want to be better.

Besides knowing all the golf drills that a beginner should know, practice is needed but it can be troublesome to travel to the golf course.

The next best alternative is to practice golf at home and this is where golf nets come in handy.

Most golf nets take up a pretty big space so using the garage is the only solution not to mess up your home.

If you need help in choosing which golf net is more suitable, below are 2 choices that I think are fantastic.

JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net review

Golf nets are great for practicing the game indoors or in the home garden.

They can also be set up at the work place and provide a good way to practice shots and swing technique, away from the golf course.

A popular golf net available on the market today, is the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net.

The first thing to note about the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net, is it does not come in a set size.

This means, it can be ordered at any size you require, which is great if you only have a small space to work in and need the net to fit accordingly.

The net is available in a wide choice of sizes, ranging from 10 x 10, to 30 x 100 (foot), so even if you only have a one car garage space to practice in, you will find a JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net which is suitable for you.

The net does not come with a frame, which means you need to be confident you can prepare it for use yourself.

The net does come with a spring clip in each corner however, so it’s possible to insert some hooks where you would like to hang the net and install it that way.

In which case, all you have to do is un-hook the net and it is ready to be transported elsewhere.

It’s also possible to make your own frame for the net, if you plan on leaving it in one location.

The 3/4″ Square Mesh is UV and weather treated, so it can sit outdoors and remain in good condition, whatever the weather.

People have commented on how they have had it in the snow and it has still performed perfectly afterwards, which highlights how durable and weather resistant it really is.

In terms of shot durability, any club, including the driver can be used with the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net.

The net can handle ball speeds of up to 150 mph from close range and has no problem in stopping the ball very quickly.

The ball will not be returned to you in the same way it will using other branded golf nets but for the price, the JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Netcannot be faulted.

The fact there is no frame with the net can be seen as a negative but also a positive, as it means you can arrange you own layout and shape the net to your liking.

Some users have commented on the smell of the net when new and it does seem to give off a smell when first being used but this is due to the treatment of the nylon and will soon pass.

Net return golf net review

The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net is designed to allow golfers to practice their shots indoors.

This is great for when the weather is bad or you simply have no time to get to the golf course.

It can also be set-up at the work place, if the space is available and used during break or lunch time, giving you that extra bit of practice, which could make all the difference on the golf course.

The first thing to note, is the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net is a very strong and durable golf net.

It comes complete with a 250,000 shot guarantee, which means you can hit 100 shots per day, for over 6 years, until it will start to show signs of wear and tear.

In addition to this, it can cope with golf speeds of up to 225mph and comes complete with a one-year warranty.

The net may not be the cheapest on the market but with the price comes quality and you certainly get your money’s worth here.

Construction of the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net is very straightforward and it comes with a colour coded connect system.

The first time constructing the net may take a little longer than five minutes but having done it once, it can be constructed in under five minutes, by one person.

It’s also easy to take down the net after use and again, this should take no more than five minutes.

The net packs away in its own carry bag, which makes it easy to carry and transport to other locations.

The only negative in terms of transportation, is the net may be a little heavy for some people to carry on their own, so some assistance may be required when taking it to and from a vehicle.

When using the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net, the ball is automatically returned to you, which is great.

This means, instead of having to play with a bucket of balls and being forced to collect them all when they run out, it’s possible to use just one ball and never have to collect it.

If using the net outdoors, the grass may prevent the ball from rolling back enough but indoors, it will roll back every time.

The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net has all the features required, for both golf and other sports.


A golf net is one of the most handy golf accessories when it comes to practicing your golf drills.

Pick one that is within your budget and swing your way to a better game of golf!