How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Searching for some quality golf swing help information?

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Rather then write an article on one particular tip to fix your golf swing that would appeal to some but not all, we’ve opted to create an article that is designed to help you uncover the so called “golf swing secrets” to help you with your game.

Why golf tips for beginners don’t always help

When you’re first starting out as a beginner golfer there’s a good chance you don’t understand all golf swing techniques and mechanics.

Sure you have an idea which club you should be grabbing for a particular shot, but exactly what should be happening during that swing is a little lost to you.

When you’re a beginner and your trying to improve your golf swing several tips isn’t always the best thing to look for.


Simply because you may not have the correct technique to begin with, so particular beginner golf tips can make your issues worse.

For instance, a golf swing slice is a pretty common issue for well over half the golfers in the world I’d guess.

To improve your golf game and correct the golf slice I could tell you that you need to keep your shoulders square, and turn through your swing to make sure the club face comes back square to the ball at impact.

How ever that might not mean a darn thing to you.

As a beginner you’re far better off either seeking out golf lessons, or consider purchasing a series of golf training videos that teaches all parts of the game from the complete golf swing through to putting.

Golf swing training aids as a way to Improve Golf Swing

Not to many people can argue the fact that when being used golf training aids work.

Take the golf swing jacket for instance.

This training aid is designed to improve golf swing performance for those that slice by limiting the negative movement your upper body can make.

The down fall is that most of us weekend golfers can not transfer the movements we make when using the training aid to our game on the course without it.

So while we might be able to correct a golf slice or golf hook at the range it doesn’t do a lot fix your golf swing permanently.

Improve golf swing performance guaranteed

Ok so guaranteed is a pretty steep promise, but I can speak for what I’m about to introduce to you personally.

I once was one of the individuals seeking out numerous golf tips for beginners trying to find the one magic tip that would give me the ultimate golf swing.

I never found that perfect tip, but I did locate a lot of frustration.

What finally changed my game was a set of golf swing instructions in the form of golf swing videos (like I mentioned above) that taught me the correct way to swing a golf club.

It was my first real explanation of golf swing biomechanics and it made a lot of sense to me.

What followed was a couple of weeks of practice at the driving range, but as I practiced the new techniques I slowly could feel my confidence level growing, and my shots becoming more consistent.

So why do I mention this?

Remember at the beginning of this article I said spend a few moments and read it all the way through, well if you did then you’re in for a treat.

I’ve managed to piece together a series of golf swing videos that cover everything from the driver golf swing to putting and an array of golf swing problems the average weekend golfer faces.

There is no cost to you, and all the videos were done by a professional golf coach that has produced a successful golf swing instruction DVD set called Pure Point Golf.

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