How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Novice Players

A novice player in golf is basically a beginner or an inexperienced player in the game.

It is important to note that in golf, not all equipment is the same.

Like with clubs, for instance, there are so many different types of clubs (for men, women, kids, right or left handed), some of which are designed to be ideal for beginners whereas others are created for pros.

While it’s mostly a matter of preference when it comes to choosing golf clubs, the type of club you use on the court can actually indicate your skill level.

Clubs for novice players are designed such that it is easy for the beginner to hit and swing.

For more consistency, they also provide a greater degree of forgiveness and distance.

It is easier for the player to get the ball in the air when using a beginner club.

But what exactly should you look for when out there shopping for a beginner golf club.

Below are some important pointers on how to choose the best golf clubs for novice players.

Best Golf Clubs For Novice Players: Things to Consider and Look For

First and foremost, starter golf clubs exist in a wide variety of types and brands.

This can make it a bit confusing and overwhelm for the novice player before they make a decision.

However, what’s more, important is to know what exactly to look for in a novice player golf club.

Golf Club Sets

Golf clubs mostly come as sets of 12-14 clubs.

These include a range of drivers, woods, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putter(s).

It is important to understand how each one of these looks like and how to choose the best.

For individual clubs, some of the factors to consider include the loft, head size, shaft length, and shaft material as follows.

The Driver

This one is the largest and longest club in the set, usually with a steep face whose measurements range between 7.5 and 13 inches.

The driver is mostly used off tees and has a long shaft made from graphite.

This makes its lightweight with a high club speed.

A driver with a head size between 450 and 460cc; and a loft of between 10 and 11 is normally recommended for beginners.

Fairway Woods

Like you can tell from the name, fairway woods are used to hit the ball off the fairway as well as off the tee.

They are normally defined by characters such as 3W, 7W, 9W, and so on.

Each of these has a different loft with a 3W ranging between 12 and 17 degrees.

Most of them have large heads like the driver but are a bit shallower than a driver.

Look for fairway woods with graphite shafts when buying golf clubs for novice players.


Irons are basically indicated as 1 to 9. The higher the number, the wider the sole of the club is.

This means that higher irons are easier to use for beginners than lower irons.

If you’re a novice player, it is better to get a golf set with irons that have a large offset between the club face and the shaft as well as a wider sole.

This makes it easier to get under the ball.


Just like the name suggests, hybrids consist of parts made from both wood and metal.

As a novice player, it is also important to have at least one or two hybrids in your bag as a replacement for the long iron.

With this, you can hit the ball more easily and conveniently as you get more distance.


Just when one nears the green, wedges become quite crucial.

This is the club that helps you drive the ball close to the pin.

Just like the name suggests, wedges are ideal for getting under the ball and hitting it high into the air.

Pitching, sand, gap, and lob wedges are some of the various types of wedges that you can choose depending on the terrain you mostly play in.

They have a loft ranging from 50 to 60 degrees. Ensure to have a pitching and sand wedge in your golf set as a beginner.

The Putter

The putter is the most important club when you get to the green. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes as well.

The putter is basically used to roll the ball into the hole using its flat face. Blade putters and mallet putters are the two most common types available. when choosing a putter for beginners, it is recommendable to look for one with an alignment feature that helps you make accurate putts.