Best Golf Clubs For Senior Ladies

best golf clubs for senior ladies

If you are a senior golfer, you know you need the best golf clubs for senior ladies. Why? Because you have hit more balls to the green than your male counterparts and those balls could be landing in a faraway pond! Let me assure you the reason senior ladies swing worse than guys is because they do not use a professional or complete set of golf clubs. They do not have a cart bag to carry their set along, nor do they own a set of full golf clubs. As a result, they have to improvise and adapt their game plan to fit the situation they are in.

The key to good golfing is adapting your skills depending on the situation. Forgiving errors will improve your handicap. Forgiveness means you should hit your drives on the sweet spot of your backswing. Also, make sure that you take the shots that give you the least amount of backspin. Forgiving your mistakes will also help your game because you will learn how to handle yourself on different circumstances and you will not penalize yourself with a stroke penalty for hitting it too hard on a short putt, for instance.

So, if you are a junior golfer who is looking forward to joining the women’s club circuit at your first tournament, you should start practicing your short game. You should also make sure to hit the driving range and the putting green before you go out and play in the real world. You do not want to spend all your practice time ironing your shots and ending up being embarrassed in front of other men. Let me tell you that many times per year women begin to play in sanctioned tournaments but never finish unless they learn how to adapt their skills.

If you are the type of woman who prefers to play with a full set of clubs and a full golf bag, then you need to check the following pros and cons: pros – a set of clubs will help get your drives to the hole in one go; con – it is expensive to buy a complete bag; con – you need to carry the extra weight of a full bag; con – you cannot select your own clubs; con – you cannot select the clubs you like. Most of the time you will find that most female players are into a combination of the above three items. Senior ladies golfers tend to stick to a single set of clubs, such as a nine or a fifteen club set, a hybrid, a fixed strata women’s bag, and a driver.

Ladies with a shorter handicap will gravitate towards a set of adjustable clubs that provide additional loft. The benefit of this is that you can hit a high and low ball without worry about slicing. The downsides are that you have less control over the flight of your ball; you cannot alter the loft at all; and your accuracy will decrease if you rely too much on the effect of the loft. The best lofted clubs for the older ladies are normally putters. Ladies tend to be short range and tend to move around the greens; putters give the golfer more control over their shot, especially from the tee box, and they can loft the ball more easily and with less accuracy than drivers.

Set your expectations based on the amount of time you plan to play. For those who only play a few times a year, you may find that a complete set of clubs works best, especially if you do not wish to purchase a set of putters. For those who are serious about the game and play several times a week, a good set of drivers and a quality driver along with a couple of putters will give you everything you need.