Tips On How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

If you are one of the thousands of people out there who play the game of golf, then you surely know how to increase your golf swing speed. It’s a fact that many people out there can’t get their swings to move quite as far as they would like them to go. This is due to many different reasons including improper form and muscles being underdeveloped. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way at all. If you follow some tips about how to increase your golf swing speed, then you will be able to improve the way in which you swing, which will in turn help you hit the ball further.

how to increase your golf swing speed

Learning how to increase your golf swing speed the right way is based around making sure that you use proper form when taking up the stance. Many golfers try and do things the wrong way when it comes to taking up their stance. This in turn can cause them to over reach their backswing. This can lead to your body weight being shifted from your legs, which can cause it to try and reverse itself, which can actually slow you down. In order to see if you are taking too long in your stance, check how far your backswing goes and compare it to how far your head has moved backwards when you take up your stance.

Another tip about how to increase your golf swing speed is to make sure that you are keeping your lower back stiff. This means that your shoulders and hips should rotate correctly. You will want to keep your shoulders squared with the target and not rotate them to either side. You will find that by doing this, you will be eliminating a lot of muscular tension that leads to your slower swings.

One very important factor about how to increase your golf swing speed is to focus on your arms. When you swing your club, the main movement will be from your arms. Your wrists will be secondary to this movement. If you want to add more power to your swing, focus on keeping your right arm straight without letting it bend down. Once you have your arm straight, you will have a much bigger target as you swing down the club.

How to increase your golf swing speed also means that you need to concentrate on your backswing. When you are down swinging, it is essential that you keep your hips in your chest. This will allow you to keep everything moving together and help to make your downswing much more powerful. It will also enable you to hit the ball with a bit more force. Make sure that you are keeping your clubface square at all times as well and you will find that this will help to send the ball further than you think it could.

These tips on how to increase your golf swing speed should prove to be helpful to you. Practice your swing often, watch videos and practice in all circumstances, but most of all to focus on keeping your body moving together as one unit. You will notice a difference in your swing very soon.