Review of the Best Golf Rangefinder

If you are an avid golfer, then you want the Leupold Golf GPS-5i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder to have a leg up on your competitors. With it’s new technology you can find great holes all over the world. No more going through the woods looking for that one open fairway bunker. You can now easily use your GPS to find those hidden water hazards and green pockets. This is the perfect addition to your golf bag because it is lightweight and easy to carry.

digital golf rangefinder

The new digital golf rangefinder has a laser rangefinder rather than the older version’s optical design. The laser rangefinder can be adjusted to give you a better shot every time, just like a real golfer. Adjusting the Leupold digital golf rangefinder is as easy as turning a dial. It is one of the most intuitive and user friendly rangefinders on the market.

The grip of the Leupold digital golf rangefinder is extremely comfortable and offers a strong base for your club. It has a full index, which allows you to quickly find where you are in relation to your target, even at a distance. The Leupold golf laser rangefinder has a front pinhunter laser technology with an extremely bright red dot and a huge adjustment range for the best shots. With the front pin hunter laser technology the ball automatically enters the crosshairs when you press the bottom ring. There is no more searching for the ball, it will find it.

The second feature of the Leupold digital golf rangefinder that is great is the digital display. This has a very large and bright LED display that can display your distance, your wind speed, the other team’s yardages, and the time it would take to get to your point. This is great if you are out on the driving range and need to know the closest reasonable distance you will be able to hit from the tee. Plus the yardages are always right at your finger tips with this. The cr2 lithium battery allows the user to view yardages at up to 1 mile, which is great for those really golfing out there.

The last feature I want to mention in the review is the incredible digital zoom that is available with the Leupold laser rangefinder. This is definitely a huge plus over other rangefinder models out there, especially if you are hunting small animals like squirrels or rabbits. The laser clarity and resolution allow the user to have a clear image of the animal, which makes the task of hunting them that much easier. The digital zoom feature allows you to use the larger dimensions to your shot, allowing you to zoom in on the animals and have a greater chance of success. The digital zoom also allows you to use the larger dimensions to your shot, allowing you to zoom in on the animals and have a greater chance of success.

If you are looking for the best golf rangefinder that has all of these amazing features it is the digital Leupold laser rangefinder. At the price of under $300 it is a great value for your money, and I highly recommend it to any golfer. They also have the best price and rebate offers around for this model online. You can find them at many popular online sports stores.