How to Find the Most Comfortable Spikeless Golf Shoes

Adidas Adipower Presto 3, or simply Presto are probably one of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes out there at the moment. It offers not only the optimum stability as with any normal golfing shoe but also an all day comfort courtesy of the material of an ultra light weighted boost spinner and a cleverly designed soft sole. The sole material is called the Presto Cork. It’s the most flexible cork used anywhere for golfing shoes and the reason for this is that it promotes more natural motion during the movement, this reduces the stress involved with walking and transfers it into the on-pitch action which gives you more power and swing speed.

most comfortable spikeless golf shoes

There is a woven upper, with a central seam running along the length of the upper leg. This helps to reduce the weight from the midsole through the entire upper leg meaning that you can move quicker and with less fatigue. The Adidas Adipower Presto 3 has a central microfiber collar that has a nylon overlap. There is also a leather upper that is dyed to a color of your choice and it’s made from recycled material. These are tough, lightweight shoes that you’ll love to walk around in.

The Adidas Adipower 3 models offer a full range of styles and these include the Classic, Performance, Premier, Arc and Tour series. The Classic is for people who want performance shoes and they come in either black or white. The Performance series is specially made for the serious amateur and use lightweight synthetic leather for the inner lining to ensure maximum shock absorption and stability. These shoes are made for maximum performance and they are equipped with an arch brace for extra stability, as well as an adjustable heel counter for a perfect fit.

The Premier line of Adidas Adipower golf shoes is for professional players who like to play at a higher level. They feature the same styling and technology as the other lines but have a better traction on the outside of the shoe. The Performance model features a flexible rubber outer sole and this increases the ability to grip the green when you’re out playing on a golf course.

The Tour series is geared towards those who want comfort and performance in their shoes. These are made from the highest quality materials and feature ergonomic design and mesh textile panels for breathable air. The Adidas Adipower Tour is made using the same fabric and mesh panels but the Tour series also features metal spikes that provide unparalleled shock absorption and stability for long-lasting wear. The spikes are also micro fibers which are designed to wick sweat away from the skin. Comfort and quality are the buzzwords when it comes to Adidas Adipower shoes and you can’t forget that when you’re out on a golf course. The uppers are made from flexible material and are stitched together so there are no seams which makes these shoes extremely comfortable and durable.

When you are shopping around for your golf shoes, be sure that you keep durability in mind. Although the materials may be top of the line and the uppers ultra comfortable, if they aren’t durable, they won’t last long enough to save you any money. You need to choose golf shoes that will provide you with extreme comfort and long-lasting wear so choose a shoe that incorporates the right combination of material, technology and style.