What To Look For When Shopping For Walking Golf Shoes

best golf shoes for walking

If you’re new to playing golf or have been playing but are getting tired of the course, you need to find the best golf shoes for walking. There is nothing worse than being out there on the course and having sore feet or an aching back. Also, if you walk too much, you will find that it’s hard to keep up. As a beginner, you want to focus on one thing: getting good, strong golf shots. As you get better and more seasoned, you want to be able to adapt to changing conditions and physical conditions on the course. Therefore, you need a shoe that is flexible enough to do so.

The best golf shoes for walking are Sketchers Go Wireless, TrueOG Premium Golf Shoe, and the Salomon Supercross GTX. All of these are excellent shoes, all perform well, are lightweight, waterproof, and provide you with all-day traction, stability, and comfort for playing multiple rounds of golf. Each one of these shoes has different features, as well as a variety of colours. You may find that you want to stick with a more traditional colour such as black or brown, or that you prefer bright, vibrant colours such as purple and orange. However, even though they are all popular and stylish options, there are a few things that each pair of shoes should have.

One feature that all walking shoes should have is a removable insole. As you probably know, your feet are going to get a lot of wear and tear on the course. That wear and tear will really add up if you don’t have a comfortable pair of walking shoes that can protect your feet. TrueOG Premium Golf Shoe has a really comfortable insole made from rubber, which really does keep your feet nice and warm throughout the entire round of golf.

One thing that every good pair of shoes should have is a firm yet flexible midsole. This midsole should be able to absorb shock and pressure so that you have the right balance between your flexibility and stability throughout the swing and through the shot. Different midsole qualities exist, such as the ones made from ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), polyurethane (PUA), and the carbon micro-methacrylate (CMM) material. If you’re not sure what material to look for in a midsole, ask for a pair from Puma, Adidas, or Nike Golf. While those brands tend to be more expensive, they all have quality materials that will last you for a very long time.

Your walking golf shoes should also be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. When you are walking, your body weight tends to pull down on your midsole, which is where many of your movements are absorbed. For this reason, a lightweight pair of shoes will feel more like a second skin than a pair of high-performance shoes. A high-quality pair of shoes will be cushioned insole, leather uppers, and foam for breath-ability. If you feel like your feet are working for you instead of against them while walking, then you need to find a pair of shoes with great comfort and support.

The upper part of a shoe is also important, as it supports the entire weight of your foot. Your upper part should have proper arch support, as well as extra rigidity for extra comfort. The arch supports are made either out of mesh or air, so that your arch stays perfectly aligned. However, the mesh and air support is not always true, as some manufacturers cut corners and use less rigidity for their uppers. As such, it’s important to read the tag of your shoe to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.