Women’s New Balance Golf Shoes – Are They As Good As the Men’s?

When it comes to buying quality shoes, many people think they have to settle for low quality brands or older models with just generic designs. However, if you consider the style, comfort, and features offered by Womens New Balance Golf shoes, you will definitely know you are getting a top-quality product. With their stylishly designed shoe collection, New Balance has set the standard in women’s golf footwear. If you are an avid golfer and like to shop for a variety of different pairs of shoes, New Balance can definitely deliver.

womens new balance golf shoes

New Balance has spent several years developing their shoes for golfers of all skill levels and height. Because of this, they have shoe options for virtually every type of golfer from beginner to advanced golfer. The company continues to work hard to offer consumers with the best possible products that offer the maximum amount of support and cushioning. The New Balance Women’s Minimus SL Golf Shoes come with the patented REVlite midsole which offers lightweight comfort and responsive cushioning, so you remain comfortable throughout the entire eighteen holes.

The women’s New Balance Golf Shoes also offers an improved grip on the golf course due to their Vibram rubber soles and DuraTrace overlays. This material, along with the well-padded design and mesh accents, make the shoe a great option for all weather play on any golf course. The DuraTrace overlays also ensure there is maximum ventilation channels running through the soles of the shoes, which is a huge bonus when you are out on the course.

Another great thing about the New Balance Women’s Minimus SL is that the shoe uses New Balance’s ever-popular Phantom Liner Technology, which makes the shoe lighter and more breathable than ever before. The outer layer of the liner is made of Phylon and is breathable thanks to its special air-permeable membrane. This allows moisture to escape from under the heel and cool your feet without getting hot. This air-permeable membrane is also highly durable and can last you a long time. The outermost layer of the shoe uses Thermoplastic, which is another breathable membrane which provides maximum foot support and durability, while preventing perspiration and debris from getting trapped inside.

Some people may not be sure what the fuss is about with the new Balance Women’s Minimus SL midsole. Well, if you are one of those people then this article is going to help you out. Basically, the middle has two layers of DuraTrace mesh that sit just below the shoe, which helps wick away moisture. They also are made of Nylon for added comfort and grip.

The rubber outer sole has been enhanced by the presence of Thermoplastic, which provides a non-marking surface. This helps the outside of the shoe wear down at a much slower rate. Also, the outsole is made of the same Thermoplastic, yet it is encased in a rubber compound to protect it. So, while the Outsole is padded, the rubber stays protected. Also, both the inner and outer soles have DuraTrace rubber embedded in them for extra grip.