Golf Clubs For Seniors That Provide Increased Distance and Added Strength

golf clubs for seniors

It is not uncommon to find golf clubs for seniors that are still in wonderful condition. There are also those that are in fair or poor condition. You can find them in many golf stores and even on the Internet.

A thorough golf review offers a wealth of info about a specific golf club. It also helps you know why certain clubs are actually better than others. So, it gives objective information that you could really depend on to make an educated buying decision. Let me give you an example: The one club that I noticed that the majority of golfers for seniors tend to have is a graphite shaft.

Graphite shafts are made from a material that is harder and hence produces golf balls of higher flight characteristics. The harder the material, the higher the ball flight capabilities are. Hence, the senior golfer who is trying to improve their game should opt for the graphite shaft for their lower handicap golf clubs. Senior golfers who are having trouble with their 7-irons at lower handicap would do well to use these.

Another useful tip for seniors is to get the ones that offer less vibration. The less vibration, the better the transfer of energy and the more control a golfer will have over the ball’s movement. Vibration is inevitable during the game, but one has to learn how to minimize it. Switching between heavier and lighter clubheads can help, as can keeping the shoulders down and keeping the right hand relaxed. All these tips help reduce the vibrations that make the golf swing less controllable.

Senior golfers who are looking to increase their distance need to check the swing speeds. Senior swing speeds are determined by using graphite shafts with less weight on the head of the club. The graphite itself generates less lift than steel shafts, so the difference in swing speeds is significant. A senior golfer can achieve an extra 10 yards of distance by switching to graphite steel shafts.

One can also make considerable alterations to the golf clubs for seniors by changing the flex-shaft. The flex-shaft is the shaft’s shape, and older models are stiffer than new ones. In order to restore the flexibility of the shafts, a senior golfer can visit his or her local golf club dealer. The dealer will examine the shaft and tell the senior golfer what kind of flex-shaft they should get. Most dealers also offer the flexibility of fitting the senior golfer with graphite flex-shafts that have been cut to their specifications.