A Used Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Can Be Your Next Golf Cart Equipment Purchase

used bushnell golf rangefinder

One of the most widely used and respected rangefinder in golf is the Bushnell Golf rangefinder. They have been used by professionals for years, they have top of the range optics and they have an unbeatable price. How did they reach that status? Well, I’ll give you one of the reasons. Here it goes…

According to some sources over 96% of professional caddies used a Bushnell scope on their last weekend as they prepare for the upcoming week at St Andrews. This is not an unreasonable figure, as they were preparing for one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. It is also not a huge surprise as the rangefinder is perfect for the conditions and the game. Since last year’s Open Championship, almost all caddies who used Bushnell rangefinders have seen significant improvement as almost all the golfers and green keepers used them.

So why has Bushnell golf rangefinder been so successful? One of the most important factors is the optics, which is pretty remarkable. The reason it works so well is that there is not much distortion with this kind of optics and Bushnell have consistently improved this over the years, making them as close to perfection as possible. There are other reasons as well, but these two are the most popular ones.

As mentioned, accuracy is a huge factor when you are playing the game. So, with a used Bushnell you can expect up to par golf shots because the lens is able to cover such a large area with just one filter. You can expect the shot to be accurate because the focus of the lens is perfect. It does not matter if you are playing par of superior course, the outcome of your play will always be accurate.

Another advantage of a Bushnell is the flexibility of the device. You can easily transfer your device from one club to another without the need to dismantle it. This means you can use it with different clubs and still continue to get great results. That is why so many professional players continue to use them.

In summary, a Bushnell golf rangefinder is an excellent investment as long as it is properly cared for. You do not necessarily have to have a brand new one to get a good quality one. Even used models are very reliable. Just make sure you buy from a trusted dealer. Also, ask the dealer about the warranty and possible repairs before you buy.