Womens Golf Shoes by Footjoy – Review

Footjoy is a leading manufacturer of women’s golf shoes. It is one of the best known brands in the market, and it is always sold out even when new because it is a great product. I have tried on many pairs and here are my notes.

womens golf shoes footjoy

The design is very nice, and it is very comfortable. The shoes have a very sporty feel to them, but they are also very comfortable. They are not too heavy or baggy, so they will not feel like they are restricting your movement.

These shoes are made out of high quality materials. There is rubber sole on both the upper and the lower that makes walking in a nice and easy. When I was playing, I did not get tired because of the smoothness of the shoes. I also do not find it that it rubs off on me. I have worn these shoes in different conditions, over different grasses and I do not see any signs of wear. They are also water resistant, so it means that you can play for hours with no worries about getting wet.

There is one problem with the Foot Joy shoes. The toe area can be a little bit painful when you first get them on. But this is normal and I have experienced it. You will have to take your time and learn how to walk in the shoes. Once you get the feel of them, you will not experience any pain at all. You might want to try them on at the shop to make sure.

The last thing I will say about the Foot Joy is that they are really affordable. The prices are really good, and I am sure that you will get more use out of them than I do. If you are just starting to play golf, I would recommend that you go for the cheaper ones first. As you become more advanced you can move up to the better shoes. I know that I only needed the shoes for a few days and now I am able to play golf for longer periods of time, without having to think about my feet!

So in conclusion, I will have to say that the Foot Joy shoes are great. The comfort level is very good, the price is right and they are really comfortable. The only thing that could be a little better is if there was a bit more cushioning in the toe boxes. Otherwise, they are great.