How to Choose Senior Golf Irons For Seniors

The best golf irons for seniors is the one that fit your game, your budget, and your lifestyle. When buying a set of irons, you want to buy a set that has the right length and width, and one that has the proper grip. Most brands produce irons that were specifically designed especially for older players who are searching for a bit more forgiveness from the golf equipment and swing speeds. Many brands will also provide a special senior flex of club shaft which can help you get even more power and speed.

best golf irons for seniors

Some of the best irons on the market today can be found at places like Callaway, Taylormade, Nike, and Wilson. There are several brand names that have long held a reputation for quality in irons, including Cobra, Cleveland, F titanium, and Titleist. Cobra is probably the best known and most purchased brand for seniors, but many other brands have hit the market recently. Cleveland and Wilson are two of the oldest irons available today. They make some great irons that can help any golfer get high quality shots that are in balance and distance.

Cobra Golf irons are known for having a deep and crisp topping. The topline on a steel shaft is what gives the ball the firmness needed to stand up under impact while in the air. A higher topline will help decrease backspin, which can cause the ball to fly off center or lose speed, all of which can lead to less accuracy. The topline in a titanium or Cleveland golf club is usually a quarter of an inch to half an inch thick. It’s important to know that all of the Cleveland or titanium irons in the Cleveland family have the same online. The different manufacturers just change the topline pattern.

To find the best irons for seniors, consider how forgiving they are. The amount of forgiveness offered on each iron varies. Some irons will have very little forgiveness, while others can forgive your ball flight or forgiveness to a fault. Look for irons with the maximum amount of forgiveness possible.

Your swing is also important when it comes to finding the right golf iron for seniors. Many seniors have problems with their swing because they don’t get the stretch in their swing from the sweet spot. The sweet spot is where your body and club meet at the bottom of your swing. If you have a good backswing, good lag, and an accurate follow through, you’ll have a good chance of getting the ball to this area. An adjustable loft or a reduced loft will also help your accuracy.

Golf irons for seniors need to have a light steel shaft. A steel shaft has more bending stiffness than graphite, which lessens the chance that the club will twist as it goes over the ball. A lighter shaft will allow the golfer to keep his wrists in constant motion as he swings, which helps to add distance. Overall, golf irons for seniors can help a senior golfer improve his game.