Battery Life For Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

bushnell golf rangefinder battery

The Bushnell Golf Rangefinder has been one of the most popular rangefinders that is used in the world today. The most popular model is the v3. The v3 is a larger version of the older model, which cost much more than the new models. The old Bushnell rangefinder has a lot of drawbacks and can not be used indoors. I will explain a couple of the problems with this model.

The older model has a limited ability to measure the distance to the nearest object and has a low maximum range. This meant that when you were using a Bushnell laser rangefinder outside, you had to use a rangefinder with a lot of additional features such as a CXC lens or a CQC accessory. Because the old model was limited in its range, it was hard to use outside and for golfers who needed a very accurate distance reading, this was a big drawback. If you were going to use a Bushnell golf laser rangefinder outside, you either needed to bring along a huge battery or you needed to have the ability to charge your battery on a frequent basis.

The new Bushnell rangefinder models have solved the battery life issue by adding a charging unit that is built into the scope. This charging system allows you to keep your laser rangefinder charged and ready to go while on the course. This is a great feature because you never know when you may need to use your rangefinder. If you have an off day and need to use your Bushnell, just put the battery in and it will be ready to use again.

One other change that the new Bushnell rangefinder models have made is the size of the battery. The original Bushnell used a triple A battery but they have now replaced this with a double A. This will provide more hours of battery life. You also don’t need to worry about running out of power during a big game.

This type of battery life for golfers has been a long sought after improvement for all handheld electronics devices. Now you can count on having plenty of hours of battery life to help you through a round of golf. It makes your rangefinder more convenient to use and helps you play much better than you would without the extra battery.

So if you were skeptical about the battery life of your Bushnell golf rangefinder, you can put those fears to rest. This is a popular and quality rangefinder on the market and Bushnell have done a great job updating it. This one particular aspect of their product has helped their sales immensely. So don’t be one of the people who says you can’t buy a Bushnell golf rangefinder with a rechargeable battery anymore. You can, and you will find that playing with one will improve your golf game greatly.