Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is finally out and it uses a more advanced technology than its predecessor V2 that will definitely help you gain precise measurements for up to about 1000 yards.

It is a highly compact device, making it fit inside your favorite golf bag, or even inside your convenient golf trouser?s pocket.

Plus, it doesn?t weigh as much as it looks adding up to its amazing stance.

The V3 is legal on tournament plays, which means you can take advantage of it as an accurate caddie for accurate information gathering. This new model exhibits a revolutionary technology called JOLT and this mainly tells you if you have correctly locked in right on the flag with a slight vibration. It basically lets you know if you have the right fix on the pin rather than an object.

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Bushnell Tour V3 Video


A Protective Feat

bushnell_tour_v3The Tour V3 has a rubber armoring on its case that gives optimal protection towards the device should it receive any violent knocks. A comfy hold of it is another benefit of the rubber material, especially during a cold weather. Aside from the rubber armoring, the V3 includes a useful carrying case for added protection and it is powered by a single 3-volt battery that goes a long way and several golfing triumphs before replacing becomes a necessity.

Staggering Rangefinder Features

With its ergonomic design melded with an award-winning PinSeeker, the JOLT technology, the V3 JOLT sets the bar in defining what a real complete laser rangefinder package really. With a riveting feel, design and overall performance imbued to it, here are three magical features that you just can?t miss.

Consistent Pinpointing Accuracy

The Tour V3 exceeds a professional?s expectations with how it exhibit consistency in the name of accurate pinpointing. This enables you to range up to 300 yards without the need of prisms or reflector. This groundbreaking contrivance boasts 5x magnification and is edged to do distance readings in both standard, yards and meters SCAN mode to let you pan through the landscape while being kept abreast of the new distances between the targets.

The PinSeeker

Designed solely with the cup?s bottom in mind, PinSeeker mode lets you acquire the flag without scrupulous planning to capture target distances on the background with great ease. If multiple objects are acquired, the closest of the objects will be the one presented on the LCD display.

JOLT Integration

The new JOLT Technology removes all doubts by delivering quick vibrating bursts that reinforces the laser?s mechanism to lock onto the flag and to notify that it has indeed properly locked. Know how the pros do it and feel an exacted distance. Feel the real JOLT.

The Verdict

In addition to its integral features, it would around 22 full rounds of golfing before you will need a replacement to the battery. If tee shots are excluded, then it goes up to 25 rounds, which proves its longevity by the battery life and consumption alone. Overall, with new protective features, performance boosters and substantial data acquisition, the Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition is a truly promising golf laser rangefinder.