Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes

The most important thing when looking for the right golf shoe is the comfort it provides when playing. Having the correct pair of shoes is also important to keep you balanced and enable you to have enhanced performance in golfing. The main reason for going for professional golf shoes is for the grip and the support provided.

However, not all golf shoes will give you this feel thus the importance of going for a reputable and quality brand such as Footjoy golf shoes. One of the trendy golf shoe being the Men?s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes.

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Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes Main Features

The Soles

The outsoles made from rubber are thin as laser and are flexible too. Being laser thin and made from Duramax rubber elements makes them not just supple but stable on turf as well as giving the shoe that low profile feature. These rubber spikes will give you the right support to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the game with response at a high level.

High performance mesh uppers

The mesh uppers are quality, light and breathable. They ensure high performance of the shoe because of the coziness and lightweight nature. Being light is attributed by the materials it is made from which makes the shoe easy to move around and it was geared towards having the player feel as if they were barefoot. They for this reason make movement faster too.

2 Years Warranty

The Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes come with a water proof warranty for two years giving you the freedom to play even when it has been raining. This is without having to worry about damage to the shoes. Also, the water will not sip into them thus extra relief.

Toe Guards

The design and material of the shoe adds to its advantages. Made from leather which provides not only the best feel but the perfect response as well, the shoe is very tough. The leather is stylish, thin and has the strength to guarantee long term use. The Toe Guards are made to keep the feet safe from cuts or even scratches that may result from friction.

L.TD Outsole

The feet are also given the flexibility to spread in the shoe because of the shape of its front. Giving you an optimum feeling and extra low profile and because of its make, providing the right grip for turf even when it is wet. The design is trendy, soft and the colors give it an attractive look as well.

Most stand out feature

This is the shoe perfect for the men who want a light weight and comfortable shoe which is its most popular feature.

The shoe is affordable and you can also easily keep the shoes clean. Once appropriately washed, the shoes take back their original colors and remain long lasting however, before washing, remove the insole.

Final Verdict

If you want great stability with the Men’s Footjoy M project spikeless golf shoes, you need to get the right size. A number of people complaining about the discomfort is usually mostly because of wearing the wrong shoe size.

These golf shoes are definitely worth it, not just because you can walk in them as if barefoot but because of their grip too. The waterproof ability and the design provide added comfort that is bound to enhance your performances.

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