A Look at the Leupold GX 4i2 Rangefinder

For hunters who have grown weary of all the high-priced red dot sights on the market, Leupold has come to the rescue with the GX4i2. The all-new Leupold GX4i2 is an improved model of the company’s popular GX 3 red dot sights. For hunters who are looking for a red dot that gives off light for greater distance, has a high resolution imaging camera that produces crisp images with very little light emission, and offers fast, quiet operation, this is the model for you. The Leupold GX4i2 retails for about half the price of the original GX 3 sights.

leupold gx 4i2

* True Golf Yardage – The new GX-4i2 has a digital depth sensor that can measure true yardages down to a -5.5-degree error. This makes it perfect for true golfers who need the distance they cover while hunting. Just add a laser-target line for even faster results on your next shot. The GX4i2 has a convenient carrying case and a one-year limited warranty that come with every Leupold product.

* Accurate Rangefinder – The new Leupold GX 4i2 has an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand rangefinder display that will make you a true golf pro. The new model features an easy-to-reach, clear key faceplate for easy reading from any elevation. The GX-4i2 also has an internal autoexposure lock to ensure that the camera is exposed properly even when you are in a changing environment, such as a breezy day at your favorite hunting spot. The GX rangefinder also has a large, well-focused objective lens that eliminates an accidental misdiagnosis during the hunt.

* Perfect Light – With a total of fourteen controlled zones from which to choose, the new Leupold GX 4i2 allows you to refine your shooting no matter what the conditions. The new laser rangefinder boasts an accurate five Dh zone that offers precise range and brightness control. Even on the brightest days, the camera automatically adjusts to maintain a constant lighting environment. The faceplate and wheel focus aids offer another level of precision in your search for target perfection.

* Non-Adjusting Features – Perhaps the most noticeable change between the old and new models is the lack of any non-adjusting features. While the Leupold GX 4i2 is fully illuminated and fully functional, there is no faceplate lock to prevent retuning. There is also no crosshairs feature, and although the rangefinder has focus adjustments, there are no horizontal or vertical knobs to keep the focus consistently on your intended target. While this may not seem like much, it just makes target identification more challenging and less accurate.

* No Collapsible Hood – With the lack of a removable hood, the Leupold GX 4i2 lacks one of the few features that are necessary to keep a target straight when using the laser rangefinder while outdoors. The included carry case is small but still adequate to transport your new Leupold GX 4i2 wherever you need to go. Although it lacks some key features found on its older brother, the new GX series performs well and outperforms its predecessors. The addition of crosshairs makes target identification easier, but even without this additional tool, the new GX still outperforms the older GX models. For an all around performer, the Leupold GX 4i2 retails for just under one hundred dollars US, making it one of the least expensive GPS systems available on the market today.