Advanced Golf Range Finder Features Proven to Give You More accuracy

breaking 80 golf rangefinder

When it comes to rangefinders, you have so many options; breaking 80 is one rangefinder worth considering. In such a competitive market filled with high-end rangefinders, breaking 80 manages to maintain its low price and still give lots of value for money. On paper, the Breaking 80 IS500 definitely has more features than a plus for a mid-budget rangefinder.

It features state-of-the-art technology. The lens is 10 times faster than any other lens on the market. The result is amazing; your distance readings are accurate and you get precise distances up to one mile. It can also achieve up to a five-digit bearing in distance; breaking 80 golf rangefinder technology ensures that you get precise distance readings. This is great news if you’re hunting for long shots.

Although the lens is lightweight and compact, it’s still got all the major advances in rangefinder technology. The lens is highly resistant to breakage and it offers one-point-click controls on the magnification and brightness. There are no optical elements in the compact model, but it still sports advanced features that make it suitable for serious golfers who want precision accuracy in their shots. You can use the advanced features to break 80 golf rangefinders to add speed to your shots, improve your consistency and increase your distance.

You can also use the compact design to your advantage. If you’ve always carried a set of binoculars instead of a digital camera, then this model will suit you. The compact design means you’ll be able to carry it easily. On average, this rangefinder weighs 118g, making it easily manageable. Another benefit of the compact design is that you can take several with you on any trip or outdoor activity. Whether you’re on your way to the golf course or taking your grandchildren out to the park, you can rely on your powerful rangefinder to help you find your target quickly and accurately.

The other major advancement found in breaking 80 golf rangefinder gives you much more options when it comes to choosing the model you prefer. Distance can now be measured in inches or meters. You can measure your distances at different points along your swing path. You can measure the length of your stance and your arms’ lengths as you perform your backswing and downswing. This gives you more information to help you with your golf game.

A final advanced feature found in the breaking 80 golf rangefinder is the laser rangefinder. With this model, a laser is used to mark your ball. This makes the distance you estimate less inaccurate, because you are able to see exactly where the ball is. This is an affordable price for an amazing distance estimate, so make sure you get a model with all of these features to ensure you get the most accurate readings on your golf shots.