Bang for Your Buck – The Lofthouse Pro Rangefinder Review

If you are looking for a digital rangefinder that can also produce high magnification then the Lofthouse Proscope 400x Golf Rangefinder is the perfect choice for you. This rangefinder is actually one of the latest products that is available on the rangefinder industry and it offers a number of features that will be greatly appreciated by even the most serious golfer. As with many rangefinders, it is based on an optical principle and is fully multi-coated for accuracy. The fact that this is the case means that it is also one of the best value options on the market for rangefinders. Although it may not be the cheapest rangefinder out there, it does offer you the best value for money and is highly competitive in terms of price when compared to its competitors.

The Lofthouse Proscope 400x Golf Rangefinder stands out from the other rangefinders on the market because it offers a very simple, uncomplicated and easy-to-use interface. This is made possible thanks to the rangefinder’s full multi-coated optic system, which ensures that the cover lasts longer than you may have assumed. It also uses a spring latch to keep the cover secure so it remains securely in place when you are using it to cover longer distances. The results of course, depend upon the extent that you intend to use it, but the fact that this rangefinder covers 400 yards makes it ideal for any amateur or professional golfer.

As with all rangefinders, the Lofthouse Pro Scope 400x Golf Rangefinder comes with a carrying case and an arbor with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental movement. This is also the case with many of their competitors, which leaves you free to focus on more important things. The case is also extremely useful as it allows you to transport the unit to different golf courses as you need to – so no matter where your next outing is going to be, you can always ensure that your Lofthouse Pro Scope is with you. In addition to this, the carrying case folds flat and is therefore extremely compact. Even at its largest, it is still only a few inches thick, making it easier to carry around and ensuring that your rangefinder is always ready to use.

The precision-tuned controls on the Lofthouse Pro Scope 400x are designed to make the most of any situation. Whether you are using it to cover short to medium-range shots or those that cover long distance shots, this rangefinder has a simple, intuitive and effective operation. The large, fully multi-coated lenses to ensure that there is nothing that will stand in the way of your accuracy and that you will always hit your intended target. The rangefinder comes with an easily removable carrying case, making this one of the best rangefinders on the market for all users.

The precision engineering of this rangefinder means that even the finest details are finely observed. The reticle is ringed with tiny, high-definition lines that show you the exact point that you need to place your shot. In addition, the entire device is made with a ring of six large, high-contrast diamonds that give you even greater accuracy. For added convenience, the rangefinder comes with an automatic focusing mechanism that lets you quickly focus on your shot without having to make another move.

However, even the best Bang for your buck doesn’t come cheap. With a price tag of just under $150, the Lofthouse Pro Scope is definitely one of the more expensive rangefinders on the market. This is simply due to the materials used to construct the scope and the fact that the designers never compromise on image quality. If you want nothing but the best Bang for your buck, the Lofthouse Pro Scope is certainly worth every penny. Its sturdy construction, superb resolution and easy to use interface make it the perfect rangefinder for any amateur or professional golfer.