Golf Rangefinder Vs Hunting Rangefinder

While rangefinder and binoculars are often used interchangeably, a rangefinder is a much more specialized tool than its binocular counterpart. Although both instruments are primarily used to measure ranges, they really are different in their inner anatomy. You need to employ each for their own specific functions; otherwise you will become pretty confused. Break down the main differences between rangefinder and hunting rangefinder so that you understand how they work together and why they’re meant for distinct purposes. This will allow you to pick the right equipment for your needs the first time you head out on the range.

golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder

The primary difference between golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder has to do with how they use light. Most rangefinder models rely on the principle of the reflector, which allows them to focus light that hits them so that it’s concentrated and focused on a central area. Hunting rangefinder units, on the other hand, utilize a different principle called the optical zoom, which involves a mechanical zoom element that zeros in on a specific subject and magnifies it.

Another main distinction between golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder relates to distance. Rangefinders, generally, have a larger field of view because they’re able to cover a large area. Because of this, they can easily measure distances far away from you by using the parallax law. In contrast, most hunting units limit the distance they can measure, which limits the effectiveness of its rangefinder concept. The effective range of a hunting unit usually covers a very large area with a pinpoint target. As a result, rangefinders generally provide better image quality than hunting rangefinders at close distance.

As aforementioned, there are many more differences between golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder. This makes it hard to list them all in one article. The three main factors mentioned above, however, are the key reasons why golfers prefer one over the other. So, if you’re still not sure which one to buy, then you might as well consider these factors: visual comfort, clarity of images, and user-friendliness. If you have difficulty using all the features of a golf rangefinder, or if you find the others you have easier to use than the ones you have, then you should definitely consider buying a hunting model instead.

However, one thing you can’t discount when it comes to golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder is the cost. Golfers who enjoy the sport would likely choose golf rangefinder models because they offer better image quality for less money. There’s no doubt that it’s true that some golf rangefinder models are more expensive than the ones for hunting, but you also need to look beyond the price when deciding which one to buy. Remember, you’ll only be using this equipment for a limited time each day, so choosing the most affordable model will always be the best choice. Also, take into consideration that even though hunting models can offer clearer images than their rangefinder counterparts, they can also be a lot more difficult to use.

The final major difference between golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder lies on the matter of distance. With the former, you can determine the distance you are aiming at simply by looking at your mark. However, with the latter, you need to also use your sights in order to determine how far away distant objects are. For instance, if you’re trying to shoot a cat, then you don’t want to look at your rangefinder and aim far away, right?