Product Review – Woosports Golf Range Finder

Woosports golf rangefinder is a product of Wosports, a trusted name in the golf equipment industry. It has a range of sophisticated technology that makes it a wonderful buy for golfers of all ability levels. This innovative golfing product comes with a 1.2″ parallax adjuster that makes the crosshairs clearly visible even from over 50 yards. It also offers a digital menu system with an easy to use interface.

wosports golf rangefinder

Product specs. The main characteristic of this rangefinder that makes it popular is its great features and functions. It has a maximum aiming distance of 150 yards, an optical zoom that comes in very handy when you are taking action at a distance, and it has both Cushman and Leoch AA filter that offer good clarity during your game. It has a one-touch menu that lets you change the level of precision by simply pressing the green flag button twice. Another great feature is that it locks onto the flag in a straight line, which allows for precise shots without any guesswork.

Great features and functions, amazing features and functions! But how does it fare when it comes to ergonomics? Surprisingly, it performs well, if not perfectly. Its compact size does limit its options for use in tighter spaces, but overall, it is still a wonderful product and a great value. One feature that disappointed me a bit was the fact that it did not come with a battery cover or carrying case, but other than that, this is a great product.

Ergonomics performance and accuracy: The general view on ergonomics is that it improves the quality of a golfer’s swing, but that may not always be true. What I found was that the golf rangefinder performed well in terms of overall accuracy. It seemed to track the ball better than any other rangefinder I have ever used, and in general was highly accurate within about 10 yards of the cup. The best part is that it held up under the pressure of my vigorous every day practice and reeled in my inaccurate shots like a pro.

Vibration isolation and vibrational accuracy: Another thing that disappointed me a little was that while the golf rangefinder seemed to get the job done, it seemed to isolate shots a bit too well. Not sure if it’s just my selection of shots that were isolated, or if it has something to do with the fact that this WO Quartz oubel golf laser rangefinder has a little less power than some other brands. Regardless, it did seem to isolate my golf balls better and seemed to handle the distance more consistently. While I wasn’t able to get a measurement for the “Vibration isolation,” I was able to feel the distance of each individual ball as I approached the cup.

Accurate, fast, and user friendly, the WOSports Prodigy line from Wosports Golf is an excellent rangefinder for any serious golfer. If you’re looking for a clear view of your golf ball and accurate distance, this is the perfect option. My only real complaint was that it didn’t come with a carrying case and a battery charger, but honestly, these are the only two things that really detract from the great performance of this rangefinder. Other than that, I highly recommend this excellent rangefinder for any serious golfer.