Tips on Using the Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

The new Coolshot 20 golf rangefinder is designed especially for measuring the distance between the ball and the intended target, and is an extremely useful tool for serious golfers. It is lightweight, easy to use and comes with a handy carrying case. The main target measurement area is in the center of the scope, and there are many other measuring points located around the circumference of the case. The first target priority mode is particularly useful to gauge the distance from a tree on the right green to a small flagpole in the left grass.

nikon coolshot 20 golf rangefinder

In addition to using the crosshairs feature to measure distance, the nikon coolshot 20 golf rangefinder can also measure the yards to the left and right of the flagstick and along the bottom of the shaft. The rear button controls the distance and wind up options. Each quarter of an inch will add one yard to the measurement, and the rear button controls the wind up option. The front and rear buttons switch modes, while the center button controls the magnifying feature.

The device offers a three-dimensional digital readout, so it’s easy to read the measurements and find the proper yardage markers for distance readings. The screen is clear and large enough to be read easily, even in bright sunlight. The high-performance rangefinders have a large readout window that offers precise readings. There is a user-accessible measuring area located on the bottom of the unit and the device includes a battery check-out button as well.

An important feature of the cool-shot nikon golf rangefinder is the first target priority option. When you choose the first target priority option, the golfer can choose the best two chances for each hole to get the closest target. If the first two choices are out of range or not available, the golfer will select a third choice. The first target priority option is easy to understand and convenient for putting a last-minute last-second best bet into effect.

The tectec technology allows the device to measure speeds and determine the distance accurately. If the rangefinder does not have the tectec mode, the golfer will have to manually wind the machine up and down to wind it back in range. Manual winding makes the operation of the device more tedious and time-consuming. If the tectec system is installed, the operation of the device becomes much easier, as the golfer only has to turn the knob to wind the device back in place and adjust the speed to get the best results.

The tectec system and battery will also allow golfers to enjoy a lightweight unit that weighs less than one pound. Although the weight is light, this lightweight design means that the coolshot can be carried by one hand without difficulty. The lightweight design also means that the Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder can be carried from the trunk of the car to the course without the concern of the golf shaft getting caught up with the baggage. All in all, the Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder provides excellent accuracy and ease-of-use at a great value for its money.