Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe Review

For you to enjoy playing golf which is your favorite game, you need to buy the right type of shoes for you to wear during tournaments or even when practicing.

Golf as a game it involves a lot of walking on different surfaces hence you need to buy a shoe that will enable you enjoy great stability while playing as well as enabling you long life for you to save on costs.

Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar ascend shoe is among the best shoes that you can buy in case you will like to increase your performance in golf.

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Nike Lunar Ascend Key Features

Maintenance is easy

nike-golf-spikeless-golf-shoes-300x174The shoe is made out of a manmade sole which is very easy to maintain. On the top it is made out of leather and synthetic. This gives the shoe great advantage over other golf shoes in the market where you will easily achieve in maintaining it in good condition for you to enjoy playing golf.


The design of the golf shoe makes it stand out in terms of comfort. The Lunarlon cushioning in the heel enables the player of golf who is wearing the shoes enjoy playing without any fear of developing blisters. The full length contoured sock liner also provided on the shoes makes it enables the wearer achieve great comfort when wearing the shoes. This is a shoe that I can recommend to anybody who will like to enjoy playing golf.


Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend is a golf shoes that you will wear and enjoy being in fashion as a fan of golf. The shoes is designed with great design that will enable you enjoy wearing it. The hyper fuse technology used in making the shoes combines synthetic; mesh and TPU which make the shoe stand out in terms of design.

Great Performance

nike-golf-spikeless-golf-shoes-bottom-300x116When wearing the shoes you will not be disadvantaged when playing golf. The shoe is very durable which will enable you achieve the best grip on the ground even if the pitch is slippery. The designers of the shoes took time to come up with a pair of shoes that you will never regret after you wear it ready to play golf.

Versatile (can walk on all surfaces)

The shoe is very versatile, you can walk on the grass or hard surfaces and still you will enjoy great comfort out of the shoes. In fact with the shoes you will enjoy walking to the golf pitch while wearing it without any worries.

Most Stand Out Features

The shoe is made out of manmade sole that will ensure you enjoy long life with the shoes. The Lunarlon cushioning in the heel ensures that you enjoy playing your favorite game for any period of time without being hurt. These are great features that make the shoes stand out of the rest in the market.

Final Verdict

It is always necessary for you to look for the best shoes that will ensure you achieve the best while playing in golf. This is the best shoes that you will ever try considering the great features that it has.

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