Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe Review

I bought Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe two weeks ago and my game has changed for good since then. These shoes look wonderful and provide me utmost comfort.

There are the iconic Puma stripes on my shoe which look lovely, along with cleat pattern. This helps to maintain my grip while I am playing golf. Here I would also like to mention that I took the advice of a friend who has been using these shoes and ordered half a size larger than my normal size.

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Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe Key Features

Few of the key features that make the Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe stand out from other shoes are:

Leather finish

Man made sole

The sole gives utmost comfort to people belonging to all age groups. I have felt absolutely no pain or stress even after hours of playing golf while wearing these shoes. This obviously helps you last longer during the game and get more scores than others. The man made sole also testifies that it would last longer than the sole of other shoes which are made my machines.

Washable and Dry

On the first day itself, I landed myself on a puddle of mud towards the golf course. This broke my heart because my new shoes became dirty. Here I must also mention that although the show was wet with liquid mud, my feet were absolutely dry inside. However, after the game I returned home and washed the shoes using detergent powder. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the dirt was removed soon enough and I got back my new wonderful looking shoes in perfect condition.

Most stand out feature

The best feature about these shoes is their versatility. I have been using them for quite some time and I can assure you that they are just perfect for normal walking as well, even when you are not playing golf. These shoes are stylish and comfortable. The maintenance is easy since they can be washed and dried at home. The performance is world class since I have had the best experience while playing golf with its amazing grip and athletic extensions. It is light, stable and can also be worn for walking and other purposes as well, than just playing golf.

Final verdict

I would rate this product very highly. I have played in wet and dry conditions in these shoes and have never been disappointed. Very little grass appears at the bottom of these shoes even after finishing games which makes it just perfect for me. I would recommend everyone to try these shoes as they are just as perfect for walking on concrete lands as well. You can check out our top spikeless golf shoe recommendations here.