The Best Golf Carry Bags

Golfers need quality golf bags to store their clubs and accessories. With 12 clubs or more in a set, golfers can?t walk 18 holes holding all the clubs and accessories in their hands. However, with a golf bag you can walk to the course with all your clubs and accessories in a bag slung over your shoulder.

Nowadays, the best carry golf bags have been made more comfortable and significantly lighter to carry. Moreover, they feature a variety of storage areas including pouches and pockets, which are designated for certain types of accessories and gears. They may also feature mounts for GPS systems, leg stands, built in accessories and other handy accessories.

However, it is vital for golfers and golf enthusiasts to understand the features that make these golf carry bags stand out in order to choose golf bags that fit their preferences and needs.

Here Are Our Top 5 Carry Golf Bags

1. Nike 2014 Air Sport Carry Golf Bag



The Nike 2014 Air Sport Carry Golf Bag will not fail you when it comes to convenience and comfort. Besides being very light weight (just under 5 lbs or 2.3 kg), it features the exclusive Max Air double strap system which ensures that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed across your back and shoulders. On the other hand, the back pad is made of ventilated air mesh which not only prevents sweating but also reduces fatigue giving the player utmost comfort and convenience.

High functionality

Nike 2014 Air Sport Carry Golf Bag is highly functional allowing the golfer to easily organize his/her clubs and other accessories. Moreover, the eight way (full-length) divider keeps everything well organized in the bag for maximum club visibility. On the other hand, the 9 fully functional pockets including pockets that have water resistant fleece lining protect your valuables in the rain. There is also an insulated cooler pocket that keeps your beverages cool. It also has a drawstring pocket for easy and quick access. These storage pockets have ample storage space that can hold all your golfing essentials.

2. Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag



The Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag comes with several convenient pockets that include a velour lined pocket that protects your valuable gadgets and accessories from weather elements, two huge side pockets, a large pocket on the side and a huge front pocket. Additionally, it has six dividers for organizing and securing your golfing clubs. It also includes a boot handle, water bottle sleeve glove holder, umbrellas holder and other storage spaces for keeping your golf essentials safe.

Lightweight and stable

It is vital for a golf bag to be lightweight (8.8 lbs or 4 kg); therefore, the Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag would be a perfect choice. Golfers carry their bags for long periods and it would be quite uncomfortable if the golf bag was too heavy. Besides being light weight, this model has a padded double strap that won?t hurt the shoulders. Moreover, the Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag is very stable. It is designed with a three stay construction and the diamond polyester material is extremely durable. This model also comes with an easy action stand that allows you to settle your bag in one area as you concentrate on the game.

3. Wilson NFL Golf Carry Bag



The extremely light weight (5.7 lbs) Wilson NFL Golf Carry Bag is highly convenient especially for golfers who enjoy walking on the course. The bag has a five way divider which is covered by a strong mesh and a dual shoulder strap (with an optional single strap). This golf carry bag which has been manufactured using a mixed fabric construction has 4 closed pockets, a full length clothing pocket, a large ball pocket and a velour pocket for your valuables. The stand is designed with a solid bracket top and foot paddle activation. The Wilson NFL Golf Carry Bag offers a detachable rain or travel hood, a glove holder a towel and an umbrella holder.

Exclusive 4-points double strap

The swivel 4-point double strap makes carrying the bag much easier and also offers efficient mounting. It also has the added benefit of premium light weight. Therefore; this model gives you a sporty, stylish look on the course.

4. Taylormade Supreme Lite Bag




This model is a lightweight (5 pounds) bag that has a double strap system and walkable ergonomics that offers incredible agility making it easy to move around with the bag slung over your shoulders. The Taylormade Supreme Lite Bag offers the size, club separation and organization every golfer desires. On the other hand, the bag has a cart compatible base. This model is also equipped with ergonomic quick release shoulder straps for improved durability and comfort.

Club organization

The new 8.5 inch by 9.75 inch 14 way stadium top with an integrated nylon webbing trunk handle and three full length dividers offer the separation and club organization every golfer desires. Taylormade Supreme Lite Bag is also equipped with an anti split stand system for increased stability.

5. Nike Golf Xtreme Sport IV Golf Bag



The success of Nike Golf Xtreme Sport IV Golf Bag is mainly attributable to its design which encompasses both style and functionality. The 8 way (full-length) divider keeps your clubs secure and safe in the bag. Moreover, it is equipped ventilated mesh back pad, double strap system, Nike zipper pulls, integrated tee and GPS loops, and a matching rain hood that is quite essential especially during bad weather.

Functional storage for clubs and gear

Besides the optimal club storage offered by the 8 way (full-length) divider system, this model has 9 pockets that are fully functional. This includes a full length apparel pocket (storing clothes), a scorecard pocket, insulated cooler pocket, a draw string pocket for easy access and a fleece lined valuables pocket which is water resistant. Six of these pockets are zippered in order to ensure that you can carry your clubs and valuables safe and convenient.


It is certainly worth investing in the best carry golf bags in order to enjoy various features that provide ultimate convenience and comfort. A highly functional carry golf bag is extremely important for every beginner or professional golfer mainly because it allows you to concentrate on the game since you are confident that all your equipment and accessories are safe and secure.