Exploring What Color Sunglasses Are Best for Golf

Golf is a game that takes a lot of your senses to master. One of the senses that you need to have in pristine order is your eyesight.

You need to have more than just clarity down the course, you need to make sure that depth, peripheral, and all other aspects of sight are perfect.

That includes brightness, shade, and much more. Sunglasses are critical for every golfer, but what about color and contrast?

Have you ever wanted to know what color sunglasses are best for golf?

That’s something that could very well give you a better handicap.

With that in mind, consider the following color solutions that could very well help you get better vision when you need it most.

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Rose and Copper

This is a mix that you is one of the premier colors for golfers. This tint helps you pull the right measures of red, yellow, and green.

When you put on a pair of sunglasses with this tint, you’ll find that the courses you’re on will be easy to read at a distance.

That includes how the grassy areas are, and what the fairways are showing you as far as contrast is concerned.

Things will get a little rosy, but your eyes will see breaks in the grasses, which can lead to better shots.

Brown Contrast

Alongside amber, this is a common sunglass color that you’ll find on golfers the world over. This helps you with reading the greens with ease.

The contrast of grasses gets diffused with the browns and amber that comes with this tint, and allows you to get a nice change from the sky and the course.

Measuring depth and distance matters greatly, and this color will help you gain leverage when you’re trying to get precise swings across the toughest of courses.

Brown can elevate your vision, as well as help with brightness, and overall course flow.

Gray and Green Mix

Moving forward, you’ll find that this mix is a great contrast solution for those that are looking at blocking brightness in the sunniest of courses.

This mix helps reduce light, glare, and help with vision across many bright spectrums. Reading the way the course flows is essential, and these lenses help reduce eye strain, and glare accordingly.

While this is not always cited as the absolute best, it’s mentioned here because it’s a matter of reducing brightness, which can hinder your swings. Brightness is tough to combat without blocking out contrasts in the grass.

Every golfer is different, but these colors are often cited as the best solutions that you can work with.

These color variants are great for golf, and help with reducing strokes, and improving handicap overall.

If you need prescription lenses, you can use these tints to your advantage, allowing you to get clarity of vision when you need it most.

Test these out, and see which is the right balance of color, brightness, and glare reduction overall.

The right option for you will no doubt be within the aforementioned color spectrum.