The Best Golf Clubs For Senior Players


It’s no secret that as you get older in years, you can start to lose flexibility, co-ordination and strength. And for senior players this may seem a problem, however, this should not stop you from enjoying the game and many seniors play golf well into their 80’s. You can find some of the best golf clubs for older golfers right here.

New technology means that while aging is a process that everyone has to go through, it doesn’t have to affect your performance as much on the golf course if you ,use the right equipment. The best golf clubs for senior players are light weight and helps to create good form resulting in better performance.

With that in mind, many manufacturers have focused a lot of their time and effort into modernizing golf clubs for seniors so that, while they might be older, they aren’t at a disadvantage when hitting the golf ball. And let’s face it, the main focus in golf is being able to connect the golf club with a golf ball. So here are our list of the best golf clubs for senior players.

The 5 Best Golf Clubs For Senior Golfers

Wilson’s Men’s 2015 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set – Save ($100)

wilsons_men_golf_clubsIf you’re a tall golfer (over 6 feet tall) then the?Wilson Profile XLS?golf?set could be the ticket for you.? This 11 piece golf set includes a high launcher driver, a 3 wood, 4 hybrid (which have gotten some amazing reviews), 5 SW iron, putter and bag. With soft grips and vibration dampening flex shafts, will find that you’d be able to hit the ball without the discomfort in your hands and joints that many standard golf clubs give you.

There’s 3 specification options for custom fitting: Men’s Standard RH: 5’5″ to 6’1″, Men’s Standard LH: 5’5″ to 6’1″, Men’s Tall RH: 6’1″ to 6’5″

It also comes with a carry bag: both durable and comfortable for walking golfers, this carry bag features a seven-way padded top to organize and protect the set and easy grip handles that give you many options for carrying your clubs.

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TaylorMade Men?s SpeedBlade Iron Set Reduced (25% OFF!)

TaylorMade_SpeedbladeWhilst, TaylorMade can be a little pricey, there’s no doubt that you’re getting value for your money. So if price is not barrier to enjoying and enhancing your time on the golf course then these clubs are definitely worth considering. The design of the club faces have been specifically engineered to give you a lower center of gravity, which when striking the ball, gives you great launch and adds to the distance of flight.

One of the biggest problems with standard golf clubs is when a ball is not hit with complete accuracy there’s little compromise with it’s flight path, however one of the key features in these clubs is the speed pocket slot in the sole of the club, which can be a little more forgiving, allowing you to hit the ball further and higher, even if you don’t hit the ball perfectly.

Buy the TaylorMade Men?s SpeedBlade Iron Set here!

Senior Mens Complete Golf Set by Precise

new_senior_mens_complete_golf_setWith the senior golfer in mind, these golf clubs have been specifically designed to be easy to carry around especially if you a re walking the course, but also packed with all the performance needed in a good set of golf clubs.

The reason why these golf clubs are so good for senior players is because they’re light weight and the face of the clubs are bigger than the standard golf clubs, which will allow you to hit the ball with maximum force, and it will be a lot more forgiving in terms of accuracy allowing you to enjoy the game without having to be a pro golfer.

As you would except the set comes with a high lunch 460cc driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrids and PW & SW.

This set comes with a deluxe carry bag with head covers and a graphite shaft protecting system. It can easily be carried around the course, but equally, it can quite happily attach to a golf cart.

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Adams Idea Golf Club Set (Senior flex shafts) – (47% OFF!)


The Adams Golf set is not the cheapest set of golf clubs for senior players, but they do offer a wide range of functionality that depending on your golfing experience could improve your performance without adding more skill or effort. This is because the technology in these golf clubs allow you to hit the ball without having to be a pro golfer.

The flexible flex shafts allow you to get maximum force without having to hit the ball with complete accuracy. You will find us mention this a lot in our reviews relating to golf clubs for senior players, and that’s because these are key features that most older golf players look for in clubs.

Let’s face it, you golf game becomes a lot more enjoyable if you’re not having to hit the ball spot on each and every time. The flexible shafts and specially designed club faces allow you to hit the ball further and higher with a lot less effort than what you would have, with an ordinary set.

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Pinemeadow Golf Men?s Pre Progressive Hybrid Set – $299.95

pinemeadow_golf_mens_pre_progressive At some of the lowest prices around the Pinemeadow men’s progressive hybrid golf club set, is a great way for you to grab a low cost set of hybrid golf clubs and a reasonable price.

Like many of the other golf clubs mentioned in this article, these hybrid golf clubs are designed to be a lot more forgiving when it comes to hitting the ball and thereby allowing you to enjoy the game a lot more and for a lot longer.

The reason why these golf clubs are so good, is primarily the low cost of the golf clubs and the technology in the clubs. The clubs will allow you to hit the ball further and a lot high than using you’re more traditional clubs, thereby helping you to develop your game further.

These clubs are some of the best golf clubs for senior players if you take into consideration the cost and the technology in the clubs.

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