How to Take a Basic Golf Swing Tutorial and Get Better Results

When you are looking for golf swing tutorials, what you are looking for is not just specific tips on how to make your swing mechanically better but also tips on how to make it better emotionally. After all, the golf swing is a big part of your game. Whether you like or not, you have to master this aspect of the game if you want to excel on the course. To help you with this aspect of your game, here are a few golf swing tips that may be useful to your game. These golf swing instructions are not meant to be taken as the sole rulebook for improving your golf swing.


Suggestion #1: Take Perfect Shot As your body moves into the address, focus on getting your eyes directly over the golf ball and not to your club. When your eyes are not watching the golf ball, you tend to move from the target to the ball without shifting your weight from your lower back. Your eyes should be focused not only on the ball but also on your feet, hips, shoulders and even your elbows. Many right-handed golfers often aim left but this does not always mean that the ball will actually go to the right as often their motion will simply compensate for poor position. The perfect swing should start in the same position and end in the same position.

Another golf swing tutorial is about keeping your body in proper alignment. You should keep your head, chest, stomach and shoulders in line with each other so that your center of mass remains in place. This means that your upper body and lower body do not move separately from each other. When you have one foot out-of-the-pocket, try to keep the other foot in exactly the same position so that your entire body stays exactly where it needs to be. If you can do this, you will find that it is much easier to stay balanced while you are swinging the golf club.

Another golf tip involves the left hand. It is a mistake to simply use your right hand when you are taking a shot. You need to keep both hands at your side. With the right hand, the club is gripped with the top hand on top of the shaft and the left hand underneath. Using your left hand, will result in the club ending up higher in your backswing and causing your shots to go wide. You will find that by turning your left shoulder slightly this will make a big difference in your downswing.

You can have trouble keeping your grip on the golf ball if your hands are too high or too low. Keep your grip on the golf ball just below the belt and make sure that your hands are together at the same point. Your left arm needs to be parallel to the ground while your right arm needs to be at a 90 degree angle to the ground. This will keep your grip secure and you can focus solely on swinging your body and not your grip.

As a golfer, you need to be comfortable with the way that your body is aligned. If you find that you are stiff or uncomfortable before you hit the golf course, you should look at where your feet are positioned. Having your feet placed too far forward will cause you to roll to the ball which will affect your distance. The proper stance involves having your legs bent at a 90 degree angle, feet comfortable on the ground and holding your knees fairly firm. This will help keep your shoulder level as you swing and will prevent you from bending over too much as well.