How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

how to use a golf rangefinder

How to use a golf rangefinder is pretty easy when you understand the basics. Rangefinders are one of the more popular golf accessories. In fact, there are hundreds of different types ranging from cheap plastic to designer high end sets. You should know before you go out and buy one that it is best to take an estimated number of shots with it to see how much range it will give you. Below is a few tips on how to use a golf rangefinder.

The first thing to know is to stand behind the target with your aiming device in front of you. With your rangefinder mounted scope in hand, find the red flap by using the Green arrow on your scope. Once you have located the red flap, tilt the hunting rangefinder using the Green line to align the Green line to the bottom of the target. If you move your head while you are holding the device, this will help you get a more accurate read on where the shot is aiming.

When learning how to use a golf rangefinder, practice always using both eyes. Having both eyes open makes it easier for you to focus. It’s also good to make sure the sun is shining directly behind the target. This will make the rangefinder more effective at its job.

Once you’ve found the correct flagstick, use the A and B buttons on your rangefinder. Go back and forth about two to three yards from your starting point until you can no longer see the flagstick clearly. If you move it, adjust the yardage until you can still see it clearly. This is the measuring yardage for the target that you are aiming at.

The last step in learning how to use a rangefinder is setting up the correct range for the object you are aiming at. Use the A and B buttons to lock the rangefinder steady. Most rangefinders will allow you to set the range at zero yards. You can also use this zero yard line as the measurement for the actual distance to your target. The best thing about many rangefinders is they come with a carrying case so you can store them when not in use.

You should learn how to use a laser rangefinder in much the same way. Once you can identify the objects you are aiming at, use the A and B buttons to lock the rangefinder steady. Then, go back and forth two yards from your starting position and use the up and down arrows on the top of the rangefinder to determine where the target is located. Use the upward and downward arrows to change the slope of the target away from you. Use the left and right arrows to adjust the slope. If you do not see any lines or circles marking the target, you have established a solid level of ground to work on.