Leupold GX3i2 Golf Rangefinder Review

leupold gx 3i2 golf rangefinder

Leupold has consistently delivered high quality binoculars, scopes and optics for hunters and sportsmen for over a century. Their most popular model is the Leupold GX3i2 Golf Rangefinder. This moderately priced rangefinder can be used for general purposes or hunting as well. It comes with a crosshair reticule that allows you to center the target perfectly and it also features an adjustable focus ring that lets you work with various focusing options. In addition, it has a self-cleaning focusing screen that ensures that your Leupold GX3i2 Golf Rangefinder remains free of dust and debris.

For general use, this moderately priced rangefinder should perform nicely. It has an optical zoom lens that makes it possible to handle extremely close subjects up to three times normal size. For outdoors applications, this model will prove itself useful because it includes a weatherproof body and fully multi-coated, high-definition lens. Because it is a Leupold product, it usually comes with a two-year warranty. This is also one of the models that will allow you to upgrade to the VIP package at a later date.

The most basic model in the series, the Leupold GX3i2 Power Rangefinder is equipped with the crosshairs feature. This is a handy feature which allows you to focus on your main subject without having to turn your back to see anything else. The crosshairs feature does come off a little strange at first but, with practice, it will become very natural. It is also useful for working with small game, such as duck, quail, or grouse. This is especially convenient when hunting these birds during early morning or late evening hours.

Another great feature found on the Leupold GX3i2 is its brightness. It has been coated in UV resistant colors to prevent damage from UV rays. It is easy to see even in bright sunshine and, best of all, it keeps your focus sharp. Some other rangefinder brands have glow in the dark indicators as well as indicator lights which are a bit bright and are not convenient to use. You can see your target better when moving through the dark. Some models do have this feature, but these models are few and far between.

For those golfers who find that their rangefinder needs help with alignment, there is the Alignment Assist feature. This adjustment tool allows you to move the horizontal and vertical guides independently which can really be helpful. It is easy to accidentally change either the left or right aligner without realizing it, so it helps to have a way to easily make manual adjustments. In addition to helping you to stay on target, the Alignment Assist feature can also be used when taking distant shots to center the target as well as achieving greater precision when dealing with a wide range. This makes for a great feature to have.

If you are looking for a quality Leupold product, then you should definitely consider a model from the GX3i2 Golf Rangefinder family. These models offer all of the features that you would expect to find in a top of the line model, and are extremely user friendly as well. They are relatively inexpensive, compared to some of the other rangefinder brands out there, but still give you excellent results. With a brand like Leupold, you never know what you are going to get. But if you are in the market for an excellent rangefinder, and don’t mind paying a little extra, then the GX3i2 is the perfect choice.