Prizm Sunglasses For Golf

A Look At Prizm Sunglasses For Golf

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can gather today to help your golf game. Not everything that you do, however, is going to help your vision.

While you can improve your swing, get new clubs, and even practice a great deal, you will not get far if you cannot see with precision.

Sunglasses are always a good idea to purchase for your golf game, but the standard UV protection isn’t going to give you an edge.

To really affect your game, you’ll need to test out different options, hues, and types.

One option that you may want to look into is prizm sunglasses.

This is a solution that could very well change your game for the better, and will see your handicap improve, fast.

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Understanding The Prizm Technology

The Prizm sunglass solution is being promoted by Oakley, as a lens technology that is getting a great deal of push through sports media.

The reason for this is because the lens itself is meant to aid professional athletes, and those that are active overall.

The lens uses a specialized coating that allows an emphasis on colors and clarity that active individuals need most.

It sharpens, without reducing clarity, removes glare, and adjusts the visual spectrum in real time, so that when you swing, you’re not distracted by shifts in colors that are extreme, brightness that can blind, or any contrast that can mess with your depth perception.

Recognize Changes On The Course

Perhaps the biggest benefit for the golfer is that you’ll find that the color recognition of your eyes will gain a boost.

You’ll find that across different courses, you’ll be able to denote grasses that are rough, areas that are deceptively placed, hills, and much more.

You’ll see more contours, curves, and straight lines without having to squint, or second guess how powerful your swing will need to be.

The peripheral vision that you will get with the lenses are due in large part to the way that the lenses are created.

They utilize a hyperspectral element that filters noise, outright, and helps recognize contrast faster, and easier, even under pressure.

Specifically Made For Golf

Now, there are several different Prizm lenses that you can utilize. However, you can purchase golf sunglasses that are specifically made to help your game.

The golf edition of these sunglasses utilize a textured lens that diffuses greens, so that you can tell specific changes in blades of grass, and use the conditional elements to shift your weight, swing, and distance with ease.

Simply put, it enhances your view, in real time, even in bright sunlight.

At the end of the day, golf is a game that relies heavily on how your vision works.

Like baseball and other sports that require a great deal of focus and coordination, the right lenses could very well be the difference between improving your game, or faltering in the shifts of light, and course grass overall.

Test this lens technology out, and see why so many sports enthusiasts, and professionals are relying on these new lenses to help their handicap today.