George Ganksa’s Swing Theory – How it Helps Improve Your Golf Game

george gankas swing theory

George Ganksa is a developer and instructor of the swing theory. This concept is meant to help the golf players understand how the game is being played, especially when it comes to the shot-making process. The idea is said to have originated from a drive designed by an American pro, Sam Snead. His drive was very effective, and golfers had been fascinated by it. As a result, the Ganksa designed the following golf tip – the G Clash.

This golf tip is known by many names, including the “G-Clash”, “Sneads Clinch” or the “Clash Cut”. What is meant by the name is that the club head should be used to hit the ball to either the right or to the left. In most cases, the player who hits the ball to the right side with this technique will hit the ball into a more open area, but in some cases, he could hit the ball into an enclosed area. A simple example of this can be illustrated by the phrase, “the ball went up in a bush”.

The club head has two parts – the head itself and the grip. The grip contains the finger positions while the right side grip is usually placed on top of the left hand. The entire club is placed into the right hand, with the shaft slotting into the right slot. A simple illustration can be seen by the terms “right-handed golfer” and “left-handed golfer.” The former has his club placed over the left shoulder, while the latter has it placed over the left shoulder. This is the reason why the term ‘right-handedness’ is used to describe a player with a right-handed grip.

To make this simple explanation a bit more elaborate, we would like to take a look at some more illustrations. For example, if the ball is being struck to the right, the player will naturally turn to the left. In the game of golf, turning to the left is actually perceived as an invitation to a golfing error, as it makes the other players feel as if they have the advantage. It is thus natural for them to turn to the right. Now if you place the opposite club in an opposite manner, the opposite result would occur – a golfer would naturally turn to the left.

However, the way the club is held has a great impact on this turn. As it turns over, the backswing would occur at the same angle that the hands are turned to face the sky. It is due to this turn, that the power is generated by the arms and shoulders, not the hands. This is why many golfers refer to the swing as a ‘push shot.’

Golf is not an easy game. There are so many variables that come into play that one could say that it is a game of chance. This is why one of the most useful concepts in golf is that of probability. The chances that a certain shot will be successful are based on many factors, including the position of the ball, the club used, the speed of the swing and the grip used.