What Are The Best Golf GPS Watches?

Golfing is a wonderful pastime. If you are not careful though, you risk staying on the course longer than necessary, especially if the going is great. You should consider buying one of the best golf GPS watches available in the market today. These products are a great resource because they have golf-oriented designs and features not just for time keeping but also for providing golf information.

Outlined below are some of the best GPS watches for golf that you should consider when shopping for one.

Most reviews available on the internet are usually based on one reviewers opinion, and that is why our reviews are different. Our reviews are based on “real” customers who have purchased the product. This is the only way that you can get a non biased form of product feedback. That way you’re getting a wider variation on how the product actually performs.

So with that said, here are…

Our Top 5 GPS Golf Watches

1. The Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch-Black


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If you are looking for a high-resolution touch screen on your watch then the Garmin S4 GPS golf watch may be the perfect fit for you. The high resolution enables you to handle the display even with golf gloves on. The watch is also sun-readable and comes equipped with smart notification capabilities for alerts, emails, and text.

The Garmin S4 GPS watch for golf has a long battery life, which is a good thing if you want to play for long hours. In GPS mode the watch can last up to 10 hours. In normal watch mode however, that same battery can last for 6 weeks! After that, you can recharge the lithium-ion battery.

Another thing that the S4 Garmin watch offers is numerous worldwide courses. In fact, through the watch, you can access up to 30,000 international courses. To make matters even better, you do not need to pay any subscription or fees.

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2. The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch-Black


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Another time keeping product that you should consider is the Garmin Approach S3 GPS golf watch. This watch also has a sun readable screen with very high resolution. The watch is waterproof and has a rugged design. If you want access to the accurate layout and shape of the green, this watch will give you that through its Green View feature. You can also use it to access layups and doglegs.

The Garmin S3 batter has a long life battery, which is reliable. You can use the battery for up to 8 hours in GPS mode. If you prefer the normal watch mode, then you can utilize the battery for up to 4 weeks before recharging.

Like its S4 counterpart, the Garmin Approach S3 golf watch offers plenty in the way of preloaded international golf courses; 38,000 in fact. These come at no fee. You will also not be required to pay any subscription. Another major benefit is the free course updates that you will be able to get as soon as they are available.

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3. The Approach S2 Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses (White)


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The Garmin Approach S2 golf watch (new version w/30,000+courses) is another watch that also deserves a place in the best golf GPS watches available in the market today. This product is one of the best available if you are looking for improved tracking even under trees. The watch has a highly sensitive GPS receiver for that purpose. To make matters even better you can utilize the watch to calculate yardage accurately for course shots. You can also use the digital scorecard within the watch to keep track of your scores.

The lithium ion battery that comes with the watch is rechargeable and can last for hours.

The S2 Garmin watch comes preloaded with over 30,000 preloaded international courses. There are no additional subscription fees even though you will be getting free updates every quarter. The updates are for a lifetime.

If you are not satisfied with this watch, there is a 60-day return policy in place. That should make the purchase quite risk free.

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4. The Garmin Approach S1W GPS Watch(Preloaded with US Courses)


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If you are on the lookout for a GPS golf watch that will help you conquer some of the best golf courses within the US, then the Garmin Approach GPS golf watch may be one of the best options. This watch is rugged, light in weight, and waterproof. It also has a sun readable screen and contains an odometer to determine your distance as you travel on and off the golf courses of your dreams. The Garmin S1W Golf watch also allows for accurate yardage determination regardless of your position within the course.

The battery life of S1W golf watch is an ion lithium one, which can last for up to 8 hours GPS mode. You can also use it in watch mode for up to 3 weeks before needing a recharge.

Through the S1W Garmin watch for golf, you can have access to about 14000 preloaded US courses, which are some of the best in the world. You do not need to pay any subscription fees for that.

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5. The Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch-Black

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The Bushnell NEO-X golf GPS Rangefinder watch has earned its place in the list of the best golf GPS watches available in the market today. This watch as the distinction of being the thinnest and the lightest golf watch available anywhere, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The display is high resolution and easy to read. The watch also boasts of auto course recognition features. An odometer is available in addition to a timer and stopwatch. Hazards have also been preloaded.

The Bushnell NEO-X Rangefinder GPS watch has one of the best batteries around. Very few products come close to what this watch offers. The battery life is so long that you can play 3 rounds of golf before you need to recharge it. When in watch mode, the battery goes further and can last up to 2 years!

The Bushnell NEO-X Rangefinder watch for golf comes preloaded with over 30000 golf courses from all over the world. You do not need any downloadable fees or membership. You will also be able to receive free updates for courses whenever they are available. There is also a 1-year warranty for the watch, which should be assuring.

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Bottom Line

The best golf GPS watches are on the list for a reason. The huge number of preloaded courses from all over the world as well as the superior design features makes them attractive products. You should consider choosing one of them if you are looking for a golf watch that is more than just a time keeping device.


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The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch Review

The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch ? Black is lightweight and flexible sports watch that ensures you have distance information readily available on your watch as you move on the golf course.

The easy to use interface along with the sleek good looks and additional functionality makes this high-sensitivity GPS receiver even more desirable for any golf enthusiast.

The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch comes with a USB-to-charging cable, power adapter (for wall outlet charging) and an owner?s manual.

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1. Shot tracking

Garmin_Approach_S3The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch can measure the distance of your shots. However, cannot save these measurements. On the other hand, the built-in odometer tracks distance travelled during rounds and the time elapsed.

2. Score and statistics

Basic scoring for both stable ford scoring and stroke play is available on The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch. Once you press the ?score? button, the overall score relative to par will be displayed. The score on each hole defaults to the corresponding par for the hole. You can also see the list of scores for all the holes by holding down the ?score? button.

3. Style

The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch ? Black has a rubber exterior and a smooth black plastic. It weighs 2.1 ounces and is thicker than an average watch, though it is not bothersome during play. The wrist wrap can be adjusted to fit various sized and it has a very sleek sports look.

4. Battery life

The battery life with the GPS functionality in us is approximately 7.5 hours. However, the charge can last up to 4 weeks when it is used exclusively as a watch and a warning will appear when 7% of the charge is remaining.

5. Auto-advance

The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch automatically advances when the user moves to the next hole and this feature cannot be disabled. However, you can easily advance to the next hole or return to a prior hole by simply tapping the bottom or top of the screen or swiping up or down.

6. Preferences

Various preferences can be adjusted on The Gaming Approach S3 GPSWatch, including the language, measurement unit (meters or yards), tones, screen background (black or white), time and time format. These preferences can only be changed after exiting your round.

7. No subscription

Users do not incur any subscription fees, additional set up charges or downloads. The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch comes with free lifetime course changes and updates.

Most outstanding feature

The screen and views

The 1 inch diameter screen is quite easy to view and the backlight remains on for approximately 8 seconds after activation. Users also have an option of choosing between black and white backgrounds for the screen. The highly sensitive touch screen and users mostly interact with the watch by tapping or scrolling to unlock or swiping to unlock the screen or change holes.


Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch has three fixed buttons: Measuring, Scoring and the power/backlight button. All other actions are usually accessed through the touch screen. Besides the free access to course database, Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch offers excellent course coverage and easy access to distances.

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The Garmin Approach S2 Golf Watch Review

Garmin Approach S2 Golf Watch is a third generation GPS enabled watch that is designed to help golfers hone their skills and expertise.

They are designed and assembled by professionals who have vast hands-on experience in this industry hence quality is guaranteed.


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Here are some of the key features that give this golf watch a higher cutting edge in the market.


1. Battery Life

Garmin_Approach_S2_To prevent any interruptions, this watch is fitted with a modern battery that is capable of lasting for up 8 hours on the course and approximately 3 weeks when used exclusively as a watch. It?s recommendable to ensure that is fully charged and as per the specifications of the manufacturer to promote its lifespan.

2. Preloaded Golf Courses

Gone are the days when you had to hire an expert to guide you through various golf courses especially while on the road. Garmin Approach S2 Golf Watch come with over 30,000 preloaded courses from different parts of the world.

Using a highly sensitive GPS, it will be able to accurately determine your location and give you golf courses that you can take part in that location. To start a round, you just need to press the menu button and select ?start button? to choose the preferred course from its updated scrollable list.

It will automatically default to a hole closest to your position when you are on a tee box. To get course updates, one is required to download a free ?CourseView Updater from Garmin main website. However, no registration is required to access this form.

3. Style

This designer watch has an elegant and smooth rounded plastic body which is attached to a sturdy rubber band that is designed to comfortably fit on your wrist. Unlike previous Garmin watches, this one has perforations which make its very stylish. Also, the perforations can be used to reduce or increase band size.

To ensure that its stays intact as you play, the band has a keeper loop with small protrusion which locks perfectly to the nearest perforation. It is also important to note that it has a compact design and very light in weight hence it will not interfere with your performance in any way.

4. No Additional Subscription

Once you down the Courseview Updater, you will get free lifetime golf course updates without necessarily any additional subscriptions. The updates are actually available 4 times a year.

Most Standout Feature

Shot tracking is one of the key features that place it miles ahead of any competition. Garmin S2 Gold watch has the capacity to precisely measure distance of a shot using its GPS. Also, it has an inbuilt odometer which calculates total distance covered per round and the elapsed time. It will automatically advance as you move from one hole to another.


Despite the fact that Garmin S2 golf watch is unequal to no other in the market, it?s very affordable, reliable and durable. All parts very durable as they are made from high quality materials. Be sure to purchase it from accredited stores to get value for you money. Golf distance finder

We review some of the best golf gps watches available on the Internet here.

Garmin Approach S1W GPS Golf Watch (Preloaded with US Courses) Review

The Garmin Approach S1W GPS Golf Watch is a golf watch that gives golfers the accurate distance to the front, center and back of the greens.

The S1W Golf Watch measures short distances and works as a normal everyday watch with an odometer as well that calculates the distance users have traveled on and off the golf course.

With this GPS watch, Garmin has once again, created a sleek and simple hands-free solution for golfers who want accurate data. It comes with over 14,000 preloaded golf courses as well in the U.S and Canada, therefore, no need for subscription and downloads.

At a glance, it displays precise yardage and there are other European and Australian versions of the device available, pushing the total number of courses to nearly 25,000 worldwide.

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1. Lock in Yardage

Garmin_Approach_S1Golf has a lot to do with different kinds of distance. Some golfers have a hard time locking in yardages. With the Garmin S1W however, you can dial in like a professional. The sunlight view-able screen of the device also features large numbers that provide easy visibility. The unit provides accurate yardages for shots from anywhere on the golf course.

2. Battery life

when the GPS functionality is running continuously, the battery life tends to be short, lasting in the range of 6 to 8 hours. It goes into power safe mode after some period of inactivity, displaying only time and date. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery can last for up to 3 weeks when the device is used as a watch.

3. No subscriptions or downloads

Another great feature of device is that you do not have to pay any sort of fee whatsoever to watch the constantly updated courses. Unlike many devices in the market, the Garmin S1W is preloaded with 14,000 plus golf courses, and Garmin constantly add more. Once you have the watch, it is ready for use immediately.

Standout feature

The S1W Golf Watch can measure the distance of a shot, though the data cannot be stored. There is also built-in odometer as well which with some easy conversions, you can calculate how much weight you?ve gained or lost.

Pros and Cons


  • The preloaded course of the device makes it ready for use once you get it outside the box.
  • No complexity whatsoever in using the watch. Even new users can use all the functions easily.
  • With the automatic hole advance feature, the watch knows when you change holes and advance to a new.


  • Other than distance and par of the hole, there is no extra information. The location of a hazard for instance, or distance to a bend in the fairway is not provided.
  • Battery life of the device is quite short. It can last for 8 hours on GPS mode and a few weeks in normal watch mode.


The Garmin Approach GPS Golf Watch is unlike other systems in the market. It combines a high sensitivity GPS-receiver with a lightweight and flexible sport watch. It provides you distance information to the front, middle and back of the greens, and you can measure your individual shot distances as well as track how far you?ve walked on the course. Golf rangefinders

The Garmin Approach S1W is full-featured sports watch and GPS system in one package.

Have a look at our golf gps watches review and see which one we picked as top. Golf Gear Comps home of the best Golfing equipment.