The Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch Review

Garmin has joined the smart-watch race with its newest addition to its golf-themed pieces, Garmin Approach S4 ?GPS Watch. This watch was unveiled with amazing Smartphone linking capabilities.

Apart from the usual GPS utilizing golf-tracking features, Garmin Approach S4 ?GPS Golf Watch ? Black comes with over 30, 000 of world?s best golf courses and a lifetime of free updates.

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1. Smart notification

Garmin_Approach_S4The Approach S4 uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an Apple device and then receive any information from notification center. Every time you get a new notification such as an email, text or even a missed phone call, it will be shown on the watch. This definitely gives you freedom to leave the phone in your car or bag and enjoy your game without have any worries about missing any important information.

2. Accurate GPS Measurements

The watch has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver. This means the S4 provides only the most accurate & precise information from any part of the course. With S4, you are able to know the exact yardage to the front, the middle and the back of this green, as well as the layup and the dogleg distances. What?s more, you can even save some customizable yardage points such as water hazards and bunkers. This helps you place your shots more precisely. Apart from this, the watch adds one dedicated button that allows an easy access to Green View screen. This to gives you a better look at the real layout and shape of the green.

3. Battery

The S4 battery life has been greatly improved. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to ten hours in the GPS mode and about 6 weeks in a watch mode.

4. Detailed stat tracking

S4 also features a digital scoreboard that allows you to keep the right score on your own wrist. You can save , review, share, print or record the score-cards in a stableford. The watch can also track golfer?s statics. This feature allows golfers to enter information like putts, strokes and fairways hit, alongside their own score at end of every hole.

5. Stylish design

The S4 is a very unique watch that features a high-resolution touch screen display. This screen is glove-friendly and readable, even in the direct sunlight. This golf watch weighs 2.06 ounces and is water resistant up to 10 meters. Basically, this black watch packs some powerful features in a tiny, easy to wear and use package.

6. Alarm clock

This clock keeps you on schedule, so never have to miss a tee time.

Most Standout Feature

Over 30,000 preloaded courses

One of the best things about the S4 is that it you can use it all over the globe. The watch has more than 30,000 courses on-board and this means you don?t need to worry about any subscription fees and roaming charges. For golfers who love traveling, or those who just want to understand their own courses at home, they can do this in style with this Approach S4.

Final Verdict

Garmin Approach S4 ?GPS Golf Watch ? Black is stylish yet very comfortable for every golfer. It works like an everyday watch and was designed with the golfers in mind . The features and the amazing technology makes it one amongst the best golf watches in the market today. Golf rangefinder

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The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch Review

The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch ? Black is lightweight and flexible sports watch that ensures you have distance information readily available on your watch as you move on the golf course.

The easy to use interface along with the sleek good looks and additional functionality makes this high-sensitivity GPS receiver even more desirable for any golf enthusiast.

The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch comes with a USB-to-charging cable, power adapter (for wall outlet charging) and an owner?s manual.

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1. Shot tracking

Garmin_Approach_S3The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch can measure the distance of your shots. However, cannot save these measurements. On the other hand, the built-in odometer tracks distance travelled during rounds and the time elapsed.

2. Score and statistics

Basic scoring for both stable ford scoring and stroke play is available on The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch. Once you press the ?score? button, the overall score relative to par will be displayed. The score on each hole defaults to the corresponding par for the hole. You can also see the list of scores for all the holes by holding down the ?score? button.

3. Style

The Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch ? Black has a rubber exterior and a smooth black plastic. It weighs 2.1 ounces and is thicker than an average watch, though it is not bothersome during play. The wrist wrap can be adjusted to fit various sized and it has a very sleek sports look.

4. Battery life

The battery life with the GPS functionality in us is approximately 7.5 hours. However, the charge can last up to 4 weeks when it is used exclusively as a watch and a warning will appear when 7% of the charge is remaining.

5. Auto-advance

The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch automatically advances when the user moves to the next hole and this feature cannot be disabled. However, you can easily advance to the next hole or return to a prior hole by simply tapping the bottom or top of the screen or swiping up or down.

6. Preferences

Various preferences can be adjusted on The Gaming Approach S3 GPSWatch, including the language, measurement unit (meters or yards), tones, screen background (black or white), time and time format. These preferences can only be changed after exiting your round.

7. No subscription

Users do not incur any subscription fees, additional set up charges or downloads. The Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch comes with free lifetime course changes and updates.

Most outstanding feature

The screen and views

The 1 inch diameter screen is quite easy to view and the backlight remains on for approximately 8 seconds after activation. Users also have an option of choosing between black and white backgrounds for the screen. The highly sensitive touch screen and users mostly interact with the watch by tapping or scrolling to unlock or swiping to unlock the screen or change holes.


Gaming Approach S3 GPS Watch has three fixed buttons: Measuring, Scoring and the power/backlight button. All other actions are usually accessed through the touch screen. Besides the free access to course database, Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch offers excellent course coverage and easy access to distances.

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