How to Choose the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes brands invest plenty of time and money in research and development to create the most comfortable golf shoes on the market. These manufacturers know that your game is more than just swinging your club, it’s also about controlling your body and maintaining an optimal weight distribution. Good shoes will allow you to maintain good balance and improve your short game accuracy, while allowing you to feel more comfortable as you swing. Good shoes will also offer a secure grip on the course, meaning you won’t slip or slide around as easily. And best of all, good golf shoes will allow you to improve your short game speed and accuracy.

most comfortable golf shoes

When shopping for golf footwear, it’s important to choose stability rather than popularity. The most comfortable golf shoes will be tested by a professional or by experienced players. They will measure both the width and length of your feet. This information is vital when choosing the right balance between stability and comfort. As most golf courses have different terrain and varying obstacles, your footwear must also be able to cope with these unique conditions. If a brand has a wider width than required for your foot size, then it won’t offer the stability your feet require.

Next, consider the style and design of the golf shoe. Different shoe manufacturers offer many different styles and designs. Look for a manufacturer who offers both men’s and women’s styles. This will allow you to find the right size and design for the gender that you are most comfortable wearing. And if you have smaller or larger feet, you’ll need to take this into consideration. Most shoe companies offer standard sizes, but there are some stylish colour options available to suit your style and appearance.

One important factor that will affect your choice of shoe is whether the pair you purchase are waterproof or not. You need to find a pair that is waterproof or at least moisture-wicking. When you play a great game of golf, you want to keep your feet dry so that you can continue to enjoy the game without getting a painful or damp pair of shoes. With a waterproof pair of shoes, you can be sure your feet will stay dry on the course.

Finally, make sure that your pair of golf shoes is a good fit. It’s important that they are the right fit for you, as an uncomfortable fit can be very painful. To test the fit of your footwear, stand in them at various points along the front or back. The point at which your toes should protrude is the right fit. When a shoe is too tight, it can restrict movement and can cause pain; however, a too loose pair of shoes can cause discomfort and movement problems.

Some of the most comfortable golf shoes are constructed using extremely lightweight materials. They are usually made from breathable mesh and soft leathers. However, there are also a number of pairs of shoes available that are constructed with synthetic fibres and soft plastics rather than leather or mesh. These types of shoes offer advanced comfort and support while still being light enough to allow the golfer to feel comfortable even with their feet touching the ground.

Picking the Right Pair of Men’s Golf Shoes

mens golf shoes waterproof

Picking the Right Pair of Men’s Golf Shoes

The new range of men’s golf shoes, the Men’s Montage Fitted Oxfords, are waterproof, ultra-lightweight and very comfortable. The uppers are made from CoolMax leather for extra durability. These men’s shoes are lightweight, so if you have to carry your bag, it will be light too. The Uppers are fully adjustable to give you the perfect fit regardless of what you are wearing underneath. The lining is specially designed to keep water away from your feet and to wick moisture away from the top of your feet as well.

The uppers are fitted with a GORE-TEX protection, which means that they will not leak even if they get wet. There are two sizes to choose from, one being lightweight and the other being for extra-stiffness. The Gore-Tex protection keeps your feet dry by allowing water vapor to run off the inner lining.

There are some other features to the Men’s Montage Fitted Oxfords. The soft midsole has a special foam insert that absorbs the shock of your swing. This prevents your feet from feeling sore when you swing. Also, the toe box is recessed, and there is a GORE-TEX seam below the toes to help keep your feet dry.

The soft leather lining will feel nice against your skin. The footbed is breathable and will allow air to pass through them. The best feature is that this footer can be replaced easily, as the feet swell with each washing. The footbeds are machine washable, and they will last a lifetime.

For additional comfort you may want to purchase a lining. Some men’s golf shoes waterproof also have lining, so you can be sure that your feet remain nice and comfortable in the hottest summer. However, some brands of shoes do not offer this feature, so check this out before purchasing your new shoes.

When looking for mens golf shoes waterproof, it is best to read the user reviews for each brand. This will allow you to see the positive and negative comments by people who have actually worn and used the shoes you are thinking about buying. If there are many complaints you may want to choose another brand. You don’t want to spend money on something that you will not wear so make sure to check out all the options.

A nice feature to have in men’s golf shoes waterproof is that most styles and brands are machine washable, which eliminates the need to worry about doing this yourself. If you are planning on riding in the rain or other conditions then you should definitely purchase a pair that is machine washable. You may also want to consider investing in quality pairs for the different types of surfaces on the fairways you play on. This will help to keep your investment durable, so you do not need to replace them every year.

You definitely do not want to play your game of golf with wet feet, especially if you will be wearing your mens golf shoes in those wet conditions. Wet feet are painful and uncomfortable, which will negatively impact your game. If you know you are going to have to go through a lot of rain or other conditions during your golf season then purchase a pair that will endure these conditions. You may also want to consider purchasing a pair of shoes for the winter, although these will not necessarily be waterproof. They are more for fashion than anything else. If you are serious about your golfing experience, however, you will want to invest in a good pair of waterproof golf shoes so that you do not have to replace your footwear too often.

What Are The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2021

In this article we discuss what some of the best spikeless golf shoes are in the marketplace.

Our reviews are little different from most websites that you’ll come across on the internet in that they are based off of REAL customers experiences. Which is to say, that they come from verified customers who have bought the golf shoe and who have provided feedback.

You can view each of these reviews in the links below.

From this data we have created a top 3 list of recommend Golf Shoes. Some of these shoes may come with discounts and others may not be available any longer, but this list was compiled at the time the data was available.

Our Top 3 Spikeless Golf Shoe Recommendations at a glance

Our three recommendations are based on price, quality and overall customer feedback.

Spikeless Golf ShoeCustomer RatingsFeedback
1) Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf ShoeFootJoy_Closeout_Contour_Casual_Spikeless-starsRead 492 customer reviews

2) Adidas Men’s Adicross III Golf Shoe

Nike_Free-Inspired-starsRead 347 customer reviews

3) Nike Free-Inspired Impact 2 Spikeless Mens Waterproof Golf Shoes

ECCO_Mens_Biom_StarsRead 214 customer reviews

So Why Get Spikeless Golf Shoes

In the past there was no such technology in footwear, all golf shoes had metal spikes in the bottom of their soles and for good reason. Most people know that having a good firm grip on the green adds to the overall performance of your shot. This being the case, a firm grip and traction is still vitally important, but new technology in footwear has meant that you are no longer uncomfortable on the green. We’ll list some of the benefits of spikeless golf shoes below. Hopefully you can see the difference between cleated and spikeless golf shoes and use this information as a buying guide.

Being Comfortable On The Green

So it?s still important to have a decent footing on the green, however, it is just as important to be comfortable on the green, because you can spend a lot of time walking 18 holes and walking long distances. Some of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes don?t even look like golf shoes, but more like running shoes. So with that in mind, one of the positives with top spikeless golf shoes is that they are much lighter to wear, given they are made of much lighter material that metal. That being the case it also means that you can walk not only on the greens, but also on concrete surfaces, which is a bonus.

How Do I Look In My Shoes

Another thing to consider is the style or design of the golf shoe. In the past most folks had to go with the old fashioned Footjoy look, which to some folks is a good look, however, some of the more modern styles of shoes cross over into the golfing industry. That being the case, you are able to get some very stylish look golf shoes without the hard metal spies.

Wear Them Anywhere

Another great thing about top spikeless golf shoes is that you can virtual wear them anywhere because they are both gentle on the greens which most clubs like and can be worn on different surfaces like concrete as I mentioned earlier. Also not that some clubs are banning metal spikes, because of the damage they can do to their greens

So I guess the take away thought from this is to know that you have other options in terms of golf shoes than just the traditional old boring look. Apart from the comfort, design and versatility of best spikeless golf shoes, they are considerably cheaper than their counterparts, making them a more attractive proposition especially if you?re on a budget.

The 5 Best Spikeless Golf Shoe

1) Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes (Our Top Pick)

FREE Returns on some sizes and colorsRead over 492 Customer Reviews

adidas_mens_tech_response_4-0_golf_shoeAdidas Mens Tech Customer ReviewsThis golf shoe does not fit exactly like a traditional golf shoe, but more like a Adidas running shoe. So if you’re looking for something light weight and comfortable but with exceptional grip and support then, these shoes are going to be hard to beat for the price. They cleats are Softspikes Pulsar PINS Cleats which are replaceable.

Like most mesh shoes they are breathable, which is great in hot whether as they allow your feet to breath and therefore reduce sweat. However, they are not water proof given they are mesh. They are water resistant, but not water proof. For the odd occasion where you play in the early morning dew it is recommended to spray them with water proofing.

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2) Adidas Men’s Adicross III Golf Shoe

Discounts may Apply – Read Over 347 Customer Reviews


Adidas_Mens_adicross_III_Golf_ShoeA very comfortable show on and off the course. It is also very stylish and can be mistaken for everyday footwear. Whilst you can wear them off the golf course, it is advised not to wear them on concrete as the cleats are soft. The water resistant uppers will keep your feet warm and dry while you’re on the course.

Feedback so far seems to suggest that the sizing runs a little small, so if you’re a 12 – 12.5, then it is best to go a size up to 13. They might also be designed for the narrower foot as opposed to the wide fit.

sole_Adidas_Mens_adicross_III_Golf_ShoeMolded traction bars keep you poised and confident from the tee to the green in this sophisticated golf shoe from ECCO.For a look that works just as well on the 18th hole as it does at the 19th, there’s ECCO?s Hybrid golf shoe. In leather and synthetic, this sporty offering boasts street-smart sensibilities with cool contrasts and a secure lace-up fit. A super grippy manmade sole keeps you grounded when on the links while still allowing you to move about in the rest of the world.

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3) Nike Free-Inspired Impact 2 Spikeless Mens Waterproof Golf Shoes

Discounts may Apply –  Read Over 24 Customer Reviews

nike-spikeless-waterproof-feedbacknike-spikeless-mens-water-proofA really cool looking shoe, that looks more like athletic trainers than a golf shoe.

This slick design will help you top stand out from the traditional golfers. Not only that, but they are super comfortable, so great if you’re on the course for long periods of time.

sole-nike-spikeless-golf-shoesMost outstanding feature is that you could wear these golf shoes both on the green and off. So there’s no need to change your shoes after you’ve finished a round of golf. You’ll have great traction both on the greens and off.

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4) PUMA Men’s Biofusion Spikeless Golf Shoe

Discounts may Apply – Read Over 49 Customer Reviews

Puma-Biofusion-Spikeless-feedbackPUMA_Men's_Biofusion_Spikeless_Golf_ShoeIf you’re looking for a good water proof golf shoes, then this shoe is definitely the ticket. The sizing on these shoes is on the small size, some suggest that the sizing is more for the European market as opposed to the US market, so be sure to order a half to one size bigger in you live in the states.

They made from synthetic leather so there is not going to be too much give in them like traditional leather shoes as they age over time. But if you’re looking for a snug fit and super support, then you can’t go too far wrong with this shoes.

Given the differences in shoe sizes worldwide, be sure to check out the shoe size chart on the site to determine your shoe size here.


5) FootJoy Closeout Contour Casual Spikeless Men’s

Discounts may Apply – Read Over 250 Customer Reviews
mens-footjoy-contour-feedbackmens-footjoy-contour-casual-spikelessWhilst one of the most recognizable golf shoe brands in the golfing industry, they are also the most traditional golfing brands as well.

Made of Leather this shoe will last a lot longer than other mesh shoes in this category. Being leather means that it is also waterproof. One thing that most waterproof shoes don’t have is the ability to both be waterproof and breathable at the same time.

sole-mens-footjoy-contour-casual-spikelessThis is always a good feature to have in a golf shoes especially when playing golf in the morning while there is dew on the ground. Last thing you’d want is to have wet feet for the rest of the day.

The most outstanding feature is the comfort these shoes give. It has underfoot comfort called Comfort Plus PU with heel-support and dampen shock, so it’s really comfort to walk long distance. It also has DurMax rubber outsole.

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  2. ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe Review
  3. Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes
  4. Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe Review
  5. Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe Review



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Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe Review

I bought Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe two weeks ago and my game has changed for good since then. These shoes look wonderful and provide me utmost comfort.

There are the iconic Puma stripes on my shoe which look lovely, along with cleat pattern. This helps to maintain my grip while I am playing golf. Here I would also like to mention that I took the advice of a friend who has been using these shoes and ordered half a size larger than my normal size.

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Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe Key Features

Few of the key features that make the Puma Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe stand out from other shoes are:

Leather finish

Man made sole

The sole gives utmost comfort to people belonging to all age groups. I have felt absolutely no pain or stress even after hours of playing golf while wearing these shoes. This obviously helps you last longer during the game and get more scores than others. The man made sole also testifies that it would last longer than the sole of other shoes which are made my machines.

Washable and Dry

On the first day itself, I landed myself on a puddle of mud towards the golf course. This broke my heart because my new shoes became dirty. Here I must also mention that although the show was wet with liquid mud, my feet were absolutely dry inside. However, after the game I returned home and washed the shoes using detergent powder. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the dirt was removed soon enough and I got back my new wonderful looking shoes in perfect condition.

Most stand out feature

The best feature about these shoes is their versatility. I have been using them for quite some time and I can assure you that they are just perfect for normal walking as well, even when you are not playing golf. These shoes are stylish and comfortable. The maintenance is easy since they can be washed and dried at home. The performance is world class since I have had the best experience while playing golf with its amazing grip and athletic extensions. It is light, stable and can also be worn for walking and other purposes as well, than just playing golf.

Final verdict

I would rate this product very highly. I have played in wet and dry conditions in these shoes and have never been disappointed. Very little grass appears at the bottom of these shoes even after finishing games which makes it just perfect for me. I would recommend everyone to try these shoes as they are just as perfect for walking on concrete lands as well. You can check out our top spikeless golf shoe recommendations here.

ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe Review

ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe is lightweight, athletic footwear that is primarily made for sporty use. Therefore, it can be bought by consumers looking for comfortable and stable golfing shoes that are designed for performance.

The footwear is ideal for golfing and business because it is made in leather and synthetic in order to provide firm grip and stability for driving extensive shots too. It has a cool contrast combined with a secure lace up fit and street-smart sensibility look.

The sole is man-made in order to provide a super grip that ensures you are always firmly grounded. Therefore, you can enjoy carefree walking in various weather conditions without slipping incidents. Wearing ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe can keep your poise and confidence.

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Key features of ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe

Hydromax Treatment

Besides providing protection against weather and perspiration, this feature ensures that the leather upper remains supple and soft for superior performance. This is usually integrated in the leather during the tanning process.

Anatomically shaped triple component insole

The removable insole, polyester padding, breathable ECCO comfort fiber system and EVA shell enhances flexibility and support. This unit is a very unique combination of ECCO CFS and Polyester.

Flexible and lightweight

The outsole and upper are bonded using direct injection technology for a one-piece construction. Besides providing out of the box comfort and cushioning this feature delivers high flexibility and anatomical fit. The shoe is ECCO’s lightest shoe weighing less than 10 ounces (1 lb).

ECCO Dynamic Traction System Hybrid Technology

ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe sole has more than 100 molded traction bars that provide about 800 traction angles for excellent grip and stability in various weather conditions and surfaces including concrete. On the other hand, it is constructed from wear resistant TPU which is highly durable.

Design and material

The development and technology this shoe is quite impressive. The upper is mainly made of Tibetan Yak leather material which is hydromax treated which is breathable. Therefore, the shoes remain warm and dry in humid, moist and wet weather conditions because the breathable textile lining wicks away moisture.

The upper leather makes maintenance quite easy. Moreover, the combination of Golf Street outsole and natural motion technologies absorbs impact with the man-made sole. The design makes this shoe quite unique primarily because the place of the traditional hard spikes has been taken by an ECCO dynamic traction system.

Most stand out feature

The water repellent upper leather guarantees durability, freshness and great weather protection. On the other hand the ECCO Dynamic traction system which is engineered with about 800 traction angles provides remarkable support especially as you make your swings for ultimate performance.

Final verdict

With the style, durable build and design, ECCO Men?s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe is an extremely impressive sporty shoe. The shoe has a low profile which brings golfers? weight closer to the general playing surface for unmatched traction, stability, ground feel and swing power. Moreover, ECCO owns and manages all the shoe making processes from leather production through its shoe factories to the stores. Therefore, you are guaranteed of a quality crafted shoe. To learn more about choosing the right spikeless golf shoes go here.

Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes

The most important thing when looking for the right golf shoe is the comfort it provides when playing. Having the correct pair of shoes is also important to keep you balanced and enable you to have enhanced performance in golfing. The main reason for going for professional golf shoes is for the grip and the support provided.

However, not all golf shoes will give you this feel thus the importance of going for a reputable and quality brand such as Footjoy golf shoes. One of the trendy golf shoe being the Men?s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes.

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Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes Main Features

The Soles

The outsoles made from rubber are thin as laser and are flexible too. Being laser thin and made from Duramax rubber elements makes them not just supple but stable on turf as well as giving the shoe that low profile feature. These rubber spikes will give you the right support to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the game with response at a high level.

High performance mesh uppers

The mesh uppers are quality, light and breathable. They ensure high performance of the shoe because of the coziness and lightweight nature. Being light is attributed by the materials it is made from which makes the shoe easy to move around and it was geared towards having the player feel as if they were barefoot. They for this reason make movement faster too.

2 Years Warranty

The Men’s Footjoy M Project Spikeless Golf Shoes come with a water proof warranty for two years giving you the freedom to play even when it has been raining. This is without having to worry about damage to the shoes. Also, the water will not sip into them thus extra relief.

Toe Guards

The design and material of the shoe adds to its advantages. Made from leather which provides not only the best feel but the perfect response as well, the shoe is very tough. The leather is stylish, thin and has the strength to guarantee long term use. The Toe Guards are made to keep the feet safe from cuts or even scratches that may result from friction.

L.TD Outsole

The feet are also given the flexibility to spread in the shoe because of the shape of its front. Giving you an optimum feeling and extra low profile and because of its make, providing the right grip for turf even when it is wet. The design is trendy, soft and the colors give it an attractive look as well.

Most stand out feature

This is the shoe perfect for the men who want a light weight and comfortable shoe which is its most popular feature.

The shoe is affordable and you can also easily keep the shoes clean. Once appropriately washed, the shoes take back their original colors and remain long lasting however, before washing, remove the insole.

Final Verdict

If you want great stability with the Men’s Footjoy M project spikeless golf shoes, you need to get the right size. A number of people complaining about the discomfort is usually mostly because of wearing the wrong shoe size.

These golf shoes are definitely worth it, not just because you can walk in them as if barefoot but because of their grip too. The waterproof ability and the design provide added comfort that is bound to enhance your performances.

What is the best spikeless Golf Shoe?

Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe Review

For anyone who professes to be a golf purist, the Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe may appear to be a bit of a joke. At first glance this shoe appears to be something you would wear with a pair of jeans and certainly not on a golf course!

Although it does not look like any other golfing shoe, anyone who chooses to overlook the Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe will surely regret it when they become fully informed about this product.

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Adidas Men?s Adicross II Golf Shoe Key Features

This shoe has the common rubber sole of a sneaker, but it is the TRAXION technology that features lugs underneath the shoes that make it different from other sneakers.

The difference does not end there because unlike other golfing shoes, this design also features a spikeless outsole in addition to the outsoles also being ThiNTech.

With regards to traction, the strategically placed 100 lugs will ensure that you experience no slipping while on the course. This technology which is instead of the spikes, accounts for an amazing grip whether you’re playing on a wet or dry course.

Most Stand Out Features

Some individuals find the most outstanding feature of the Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf shoe to be the fact that they can be worn from the Course to the Mall and consider this a good buy because it’s not only for the golfing course. This design serves as two pairs of shoes in one.

As a golfer you will also have a life outside the golf course. With the Adicross II, you will no longer have to keep an extra pair of shoes in your trunk for outside the golf course. Now you will be able to simply go from the golfing course directly to the mall or any other location, while wearing the same stylish pair of shoes.

The Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf shoes won?t look out of place once away from the course.

CloudFoam sock liner

These shoes promise to provide you with comfort unlike any other, thanks to the CloudFoam sock liner. You will find that these golfing shoes are one of the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. Because this feature also ensures superior cushioning you could play 18 holes and may even play 36 holes without your feet feeling very bad at all.

Final Verdict

Everyone who has a pair of these shoes can enjoy the same cushion and comfort even when they are not at the golf course. Wearing them will ensure that you experience a high level of comfort throughout the day. The cushioning, level of comfort and traction of this shoe has pleasantly surprised many individuals who were not expecting this type of performance from what appears to be a sneaker one would wear for a leisurely stroll.

Some are wary about moving around the slopes in rainy weather, although it does not matter what type of shoes you are wearing, caution is always advisable in wet weather. The Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe would be a good buy if you are used to conventional golf shoes and are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Looking for a review on the best spikeless golf shoe? Then check out our review here.

Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe Review

For you to enjoy playing golf which is your favorite game, you need to buy the right type of shoes for you to wear during tournaments or even when practicing.

Golf as a game it involves a lot of walking on different surfaces hence you need to buy a shoe that will enable you enjoy great stability while playing as well as enabling you long life for you to save on costs.

Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar ascend shoe is among the best shoes that you can buy in case you will like to increase your performance in golf.

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Video Review

Nike Lunar Ascend Key Features

Maintenance is easy

nike-golf-spikeless-golf-shoes-300x174The shoe is made out of a manmade sole which is very easy to maintain. On the top it is made out of leather and synthetic. This gives the shoe great advantage over other golf shoes in the market where you will easily achieve in maintaining it in good condition for you to enjoy playing golf.


The design of the golf shoe makes it stand out in terms of comfort. The Lunarlon cushioning in the heel enables the player of golf who is wearing the shoes enjoy playing without any fear of developing blisters. The full length contoured sock liner also provided on the shoes makes it enables the wearer achieve great comfort when wearing the shoes. This is a shoe that I can recommend to anybody who will like to enjoy playing golf.


Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend is a golf shoes that you will wear and enjoy being in fashion as a fan of golf. The shoes is designed with great design that will enable you enjoy wearing it. The hyper fuse technology used in making the shoes combines synthetic; mesh and TPU which make the shoe stand out in terms of design.

Great Performance

nike-golf-spikeless-golf-shoes-bottom-300x116When wearing the shoes you will not be disadvantaged when playing golf. The shoe is very durable which will enable you achieve the best grip on the ground even if the pitch is slippery. The designers of the shoes took time to come up with a pair of shoes that you will never regret after you wear it ready to play golf.

Versatile (can walk on all surfaces)

The shoe is very versatile, you can walk on the grass or hard surfaces and still you will enjoy great comfort out of the shoes. In fact with the shoes you will enjoy walking to the golf pitch while wearing it without any worries.

Most Stand Out Features

The shoe is made out of manmade sole that will ensure you enjoy long life with the shoes. The Lunarlon cushioning in the heel ensures that you enjoy playing your favorite game for any period of time without being hurt. These are great features that make the shoes stand out of the rest in the market.

Final Verdict

It is always necessary for you to look for the best shoes that will ensure you achieve the best while playing in golf. This is the best shoes that you will ever try considering the great features that it has.

If you’ve been looking for some good spikeless golf shoes then look no further has some of the best reviews at the best prices.